Fire Claw Build Comments


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Fire Claw Build Comments

Ok i decided to build a Clan-Honor Dueling league Fire Claws Bear, so the max level is 76

HEre is the Route, keep in mind these will be without bonuses

Skills Summoning:
1 - Oak Sage

Skills: Elemental:
Max - Fire Storm
1 - Molten Boulder
Max - Fissure
1 - Volcano

Skills Shapeshifting:
1 - WereWolf
10 - Lycan.
10 - Werebear
1 - Feral Rage
1 - Maul
Max - Fire Claws

Amulet: Highlords Wrath
Armor: Lionheart Archon Plate
Belt: Verndugo's 15%DR
Boots: Gore Riders
Gloves: Dracul Grasp's
Helm: Jalal's Mane
Rings: Raven Frost #1
BK Wedding Band #2
Shield: Stormshield
Weapom: 6 Shael Phase Blade

Inventory: 10" Shapeshifting GC's + Resist SC/FHR SC

I played with Skill Planner and will be doing about 7495 Max Fire Dmg.

Tell me if i should go more into were bear or more into lycan? or should i just stay where it is


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Hey LordDrift.

Actually, all Clan Honor rules were suspended, other than no Battle Orders or Teleport. There is no level cap or anything right now until 1.10 has been played more so the mods can balance it best. There should be a thread stickied with the most recent rules in the CH forum.

So since you can level higher than that, I'd recommend more synergies for more damage. I'd also only put enough points into Werebear to have satisfactory AR. The other bonuses aren't worthwhile overall, except maybe the defense, but it is overrated IMO.

The rules also say that no % Chance to cast Life Tap is allowed, so Dracul's Grasp gloves are out. Bloodfists can do pretty well, though, in replacement, or some other 1.10 gloves with helpful mods.

I'd focus first on more damage, then on more life from here on in.

Good luck!


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LordDrift said:
oh then ill use, Soul Drainers then.

So for more AR, add to...Werebear? maybe max it
Werebear adds damage and defence. You get attack rating from fireclaws.

My suggestion max fireclaws and 3 synergies and then try and max lycanthopy.

Use mara's ammy instead for highloads for the +2 skills and resists, you don't need the deadly stike from highlords since fireclaws in elemental fire damage and not pysical damage.

Seriously read Coldarmy13's fireclaw guide it is very well written. Send him a pm for advise, he has helped me.

If he still posted on this forum he would have responded to your post with good advise.

cheers :drink:


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Yeah, Werewolf adds AR, not Werebear, as Mepersoner pointed out to me just now.

And then I said, so 1 in Werebear is probably best.

And then you said... Oh, wait.