Fire Abosrb?


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Fire Abosrb?

I've been having alot of trouble with sorcs, especially fure sorces with my lib. Can anyone explain to me how fire abosrb works? I have a raising sun and dwarf stars but cant figure out exactly what they do.



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probably not the best way to explain it but fire damage absorbed is converted to life, its probably more technical than that :uhhuh: you might need more fire resist/absorb so heres a couple more

+15% to Maximum Fire Resist
+15 to Life
Adds 3-6 Fire Damage
+6 Defense
+45% to Fire Resist
+10-20% Enhanced Defense

Adds 15-72 Fire Damage
Absorbs 15 Fire Damage
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
+15 Increased Durability
2% Chance of casting slvl 4 Meteor On Striking
4% Chance of casting slvl 12 Firestorm On Striking

Guardian Angel
+4 Light Radius
+1 To Paladin Skills
+180-200% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Blocking
+15% Maximum Resistance To All
+5 to Attack Rating Against Demons per clvl
+20 Chance to Block %


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lots of ways to deal with it. dwarfs and rising you already mentioned, but +max resists is many times more effective than straight absorb. use a pair of hotspurs, waterwalks, infernostrides, or even a nokozan relic (one of my favorite choices). actually, on ladder, a phoenix is a great, although expensive, choice, especially for charge switch. you lose block (not like you need it), but gain fire absorb (meh) and 10 max fire resist, on top of a boatload of damage and life (jah in shield...). could be a useful switch for a libby.



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thats what i expierenced using rising sun in pvm (think its going same way in pvp)

if u get hit by fire ball u simply loose some life and im not sure if it makes ur life rises

if u get hit by meteor u loose ur life as well but when u stay in fire ur life is going up rapidly

to be honest use hotspurs and make sure u have 90 + fire resist (nice umed kiras gives u that or umed HOZ) and there is no way that fire sorc hurts u