finishing touches


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finishing touches

ite, i had a thread on this before but it kinda..... just...... died quietly without me knowing what to choose:sad2: I pretty much got my novamancer's gear (still need to lvl him though) but i'm still curious on 2 questions (this is his blockmancer gear switch btw):
1. what should i socket into ss
2. hoto or wizzy

1)could socket an eld, but i decided against it in case i change my mind, and then i'll be missing the dex i need lol.
2)ppl say wizzy, but hoto stills seems to be secksi too:tongue: wizzy has great fcr, resists, and mana boosting. hoto has some mana boosting, healing, +3 skills, resists, dex, and fcr. this one may not be as important a question, cause i may just up the dex anyways so i can use both wizzy & hoto.