fine tuning my windy


fine tuning my windy

this is NON-LADDER

ok my windy is pretty good, just wondering if u think there is anyway i could make him better [APART FROM GETTING HIGHER LIFE GC'S]

this circ;
p mara
p hoto
mage enig
p cham'd ss [ i think il get a jah'd, or ber? ]
p arach
p up'd bloodfist
6bocta/eth lidless

8 x 30-32 life ele
9 x 20life/7-11 res sc's
20/18/7 anni

also, ive invested in a few 35%fcr spirits on ladder for use after reset, so then i might use it + magefist [wont need fhr from bloodfist anymore] + 2dru/8%+ fcr amulet


is any problem with it?

If u have less life with the current setup, u might want to rebuild ur char. Using base str, base dex, (if u only want to play caster, otherwise pump dex til max block with ss) base ene, rest all go to vita. You might want to switch to -15req jewel to offset ss high str requirment. If u get some really good craft ammy, then switch it over mara. imo, mara doesnt really do anything beside the resist.

so at lvl90, base str, base dex. 460 pts all go in to vita, then u will simply achieve over 7k+ life with ur current setup.

Btw, i dont recommend using spirit monarch, try to get a good fcr craft ammy if possible. Spirit monarch simply require too much str and u already hit 125fcr bp. Unless u want to swtich them to sojs then it would be fine.


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Tor said:
what seems to be the problem with it?
Ran out of people to brag to?

Anyways, the only flaw in it besides not having 40+ life ele gcs is that you only have 43% DR. Switch the cham ss for a Ber ss.


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Bigrob said:
or take off spider and switch to verdungo when facing meleers. (recommended)
there really not point to that because of the 35dr for ss and 8 from enigma = 42 damage reduce, then again the xx+vit would be a good benefit.