Finding the Barb Build for me


Finding the Barb Build for me

I've never actually managed to make a successful barb although it appeals to me because of the dual wield and being a very offensive-minded character.

I've tried making 2 or 3, but they die too often to survive long in Hell.. =(

I've tried a polearm WW barb, max WW, BO, Shout, which didn't work out possibly because my equipment sucks.. lol

Are there any barb build that are NOT AS gear-oriented as the rest? (Because an ownage weapon helps no matter what!) =)

Thank you in advance! :worship:


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For a singer, you need a few things like:
Silkweaves, Magefists, Gloom's Trap, Atma's Wail, 2 Wizadspike, a Good Amulet, 2 SOJ and stuff... common equipment ;)


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Well, it's the only 'ranged' barb really.... and melee barbs (melee chars in general) require a lot more godly gear than those that do not come into direct connection with a couple blows ;)

// other than a thrower that is, and those need good gear like glimmers or laccys.


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melee barbs are fine in hell, you need to pump resists. for most people who had .09 barbs, they tend to not put enough leech in hell because of the new penalties. i would suggest at least 10%, 15% is better.