Finding annihilus charm ???


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Starting 2 weeks ago, I decided to hunt clones using my extra computer. Since then I have killed him around 10 times (mostly on weekends, 4 last weekend and 3 this weekend). Could be more.

I just put a char in a hell game while I mf on my other computer. Every 3-5 runs I check to see if he got the soj message. If not then on to the next game. If I get a meesage in my mf game then I move him to that game and sit on it. Sometimes I dont find any games. Last night killed him twice in 2 hours. As far as the spawn goes. I have had active selling games where he didnt spawn at all and I abandoned them. Others where he spawned in 2 messages. I have had a friend who had him spawn without a single message, timing and patience are everything.

Yesterday I got an active game at 11:00am, had about 25-30 messages then the seller abandoned, but I left the charachter in the game anyway while I did other things coming back to move the charachter once in awhile. Then another seller hit the same server around 5:00pm and after another 20-25 messages he finally spawned. So patience or luck are key if you want to spawn him.

My son and I fight him with a barb and sorc combo. My sorc's merc can tank him with just 3 juvs, but its nice to have BO and another tank there. The Fire Storm seems to do the most damage to my merc, So im thinking max fire and fire absorb is a must on any tanking charachter. Get some sort of slow or weaken is a must and lower resist also, prevent monster heal is nice also. My Merc uses Reapors Toll for decrip and it works just fine. My sorc uses Natures peace for prevent monster heal. We kill him in less than a minute now.

Good Luck and have fun,



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Dracul's and Gore Riders make DC easy for a kicksin, if you want a solo character to kill DC with. Don't need no BO, Oak or other stuff either. I guess a frenzy barb could do it too, but no blocking.