Find Item Barb Ideas


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Find Item Barb Ideas

I'm making a find item barb which will be mainly used for running behind my hammerdin friend and looting corpses in the pit and Chaos Santuary. Does anyone have an idea what I should use...

Prolly thinking WW with Polearm or should I use something else? Mainly for pitclearing as specified

(and yes i know barbs suck and would suck even more with losing 21 points on find item ;))


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Make a Singer Barb... Great tank to protect your Pally buddy with stun. You'll also have a boosted BO and FI.


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Dual Heart Carvers (+4 Find Item) will give about 10% more chance, or dual Wizardspikes (+100% faster cast rate) will speed up horking immensely.

I personally use dual ali babas for the mf and gf, though.


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I was thinkin of the same thing, too bad I have no friends :s

I'd use the MF setup every sorc uses, maybe exept for the helm (IK instead of shako, but you could look for a +3 warcry +3 FI helm). Dual wizspike and dual heart carver on swich. This way you'll have high BO, high FI, and high WC for stunning. Max resist is useful too in CS.

I guess the MF setup every barb

Cloud Strife

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if you're going all out (and prices aren't a problem)

Get a wolfhowl (+3 warcries) a rare/magical +3warcries ammy, 2 howling spears (warcry weps that all barbs have) and something to do dmg with on wep switch. Also, they aren't too spendy, you should get some (5 or so) warcry gc's...

A lot of this depends on what you're looking for. Magical/rare/set/unique? or like ethereal with x amount of sockets..? Basically, you can get a lvl 50ish BO so that means that you should be able to get a lvl 50ish FI right? Doesn't one of the warcries stun and do dmg? maybe max that, bo, shout, find item and 1 pt in battle cry..

thats my take on the singer barbs which i think can work (for the most part) for your purposes..

Babe Bridou

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I like to use Arioc's needle (+3 all skills) to clear the pit, mostly because it also increase my run/walk speed. Dual warshrike on switch for boss archers.

clearing the pit is not a problem in itself.

You'll find out that worms never give drops and are a pain to hork. little demon spawn (never remember the name, spawned by stygian beast or something) can be horked for a lot of goodies, though.


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Thx for all the ideas.

Chose to max bo, shout, find item, war cry and have one point in battle command so basically im gonna do it without a weapon since I don't like how little damage barbs do in their current state atm.

Have gathered some pretty nice items for him:

+3 warcries with 35% mf
Shako ptopaz, wolfhowl +3, destroyers helm +3.
Skullders ptopaz, Skin of the Vipermagi Umed and upg, arkys +2
WT's 48%
2x heart carvers, 2x dual isted ali babas, 2x echoing javelins
2x bul kathos
gheeds 38%
Chancys 39%

Any suggestions on gear i should use otherwise? Still trying to gather some war cry skillers but theyre pretty expensive and I'm pretty broke atm.