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Today at 5pm (cet) i got my first 1.10 patriarch.
So now. Let me introduce you to Partriarch Doomhammer (Hammer barbarian)
I has taken me quite along time and alot of blood, sweat and tears to take him through hell difficulty (dont know how many times, since late act2, i wanted to throw out the comp, through the window)

And for those who want to know, yes he was/is twinked. Wouldnt have made it otherwise.

He's wearing:
Complete Ik set (both 1.09d and 1.10 items)
Mahim something amulet
Mandal heal ring
Raven frost ring

An heres the stats with full Equipment on.
Strenght: 237
Dexterity: 180
Vitality: 240
Energy: 30

Skills I have used:
Ww: Maxed (main skill)
Shout: 5 points
Bo: maxed
Bc: 5 points
Mace mastery: Maxed
Natural Res:intend to max it. as it is now its on lvl22
Iron skin: intend to put the rest of my future points in there, once res is maxed.

And now for a small introduction of me...
Ive been a member of the ULGD the last 2 years (can be more)
Got bored of the online gaming part of D2, so i went back to where i started once. Sp. :) And i find it quite challenging to play sp once again
And i found out about these forums for about a week ago (read about Atma somewhere else) So now, here i am. :)


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First, welcome to the Forum! :howdy: Please take a few minutes to read the FAQs, and then swing over to the EMB and have an age appropriate drink!

Next, Great work on the Pat! :clap:


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Congrats on the IK Barb! :clap: Those are awesome.

Welcome to the SPF, enjoy your stay here! :howdy:


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Hiya Amiron,

welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay, but beware of the various wild and tame animals here. Oh, and of Solo, of he's in a bad mood (he tends to kick newcomers on the shins).

Great work on the Pat! I'm still trying to collect the entire IK set for mine.

Kolor Klown

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Congrats on the pat, seems like Ik barbs are real good, gotta make one for myself and check it out :). Also welcome to SPF ;)

-Klown :xgrin:


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Thanks Everyone. :)

That build imao is not for those that just started to play the game.
since i was very close to give up in late act2 hell diff (was in that act for almost a week.) but im very stubborn so i didnt gave up, which im happy for today. When i finally made it. :)