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Finally on Ladder

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Barloc, Feb 18, 2018.

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    Mar 27, 2006
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    After all these years I finally made a character on Ladder (U.S. East).

    I knew a solo Barb was going to be a challenge, for the main reason that finding or creating a Hell viable weapon could take a long time.

    One thing that Ladder offered that helped along the way was the ability to upgrade uniques all the way to elite versions of the weapons. I double-upped a Steeldriver maul, having found a Pul with luck and Shael'd it.

    While a Pul would have likely gotten me an IK maul, I still needed an interim weapon, and the requirements were -50% on the Steeldriver. I used a "Black" tyrant club on switch- which ended up more helpful than I thought when I was too mana burned for ww and need some shielded protection- "Rhyme" was handy in those situations, especially with the "Cannot be frozen" mod.

    I ended up doing enough runs and some trading, ending up with the full IK set (Shael'd maul & Sol'd helm/armor). Raven frost, Reapers Toll on merc with Treachery.

    Doing Nilithak runs now for D keys. Fairly easy, even with vipers.

    I've yet to approach the Uber's as I haven't decided to completely re-gear, get a 2nd IK maul with UM's on swap. Not sure yet. I'm just going to gather wealth for a bit, perhaps wait until I hit lvl 90.
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