Finally... Matriarch Milo


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Finally... Matriarch Milo

After a week or two of work, my first SP Mat has been completed. Meet Milo, something of a LF/CS/Strafe hybrid, but only using strafe on light immunes. (Probably due to my lack of an effective bow)

She's level 86 at the completion of Baal, which may seem high to you, until you realize the vast amount of time I've spent on Pindle in the last couple of days.

Stats (w/o items)

Str- 115
Dex- 240
Vit- 150
Erg- 15
Life- 740


Helm- Ptopazed Shako
Armor- "Ort" Twitch / Ptopazed Skullders
Shield- 2 Pdiamond Mosers / "Rhyme" Kite Shield
Gloves- Laying of the Hands
Belt- 8/11 String
Boots- Natalyas
Ring1- Nagelring
Ring2- Manald Heal Ring
Ammy- Rare +1 amazon skills, 4% ML, 9 res all, 7 dex, 11 erg
Weapon1- Rare Ceremonial Javalins +2 j/s skill tree, 20 ias
Weapon2- Riphook Razor Bow

I found 90% of these items while questing/mfing with her, excluding the laying of hands and the nagelring, which were so kindly donated in the giveaway thread.

She currently has 20 in LF, 20 in CS, 17 in Valk, 5 in strafe, the rest in pre-reqs excluding a few in crit strike and pierce. I have 12 leftover skill points, and really am not sure where to throw them. I could improve strafe, although I don't have a decent bow to use it anyway, or dump them all in D/E/A, or improve attack rating with penetrate, or lastly start pumping LS for the synergie to CS. Any suggestions?

I found a bunch of decent items MFing on Pindle;

Kiras (57)
Plenty of various exceptional sets and uniques
+3 Blizz Ormus Robes :)))

But the best MF finds I had occured from Pindle and in the Chaos Sanctuary.

Milo has found 2 Immortal King Soul Cage armors. WEEEEEE!!!!!1

Next I'm either going to set up a cheapo Hammerdin or an IK Barb. Any suggestions on that as well?


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Congratulations, that first SP Mat is a great feeling... I know I had mine only a month or two ago.

As far as what to do with your skills, I see a few options. Either finish off strafe with all your points - you will find a better bow eventually, or you can upgrade the riphook until you find one (it's not that bad of a weapon, what with IAS/slow target/open wounds - I just used it recently for a developing bowazon). Secondly, you could try a poison javelin attack as a back-up skill for light immunes. This is just an idea, because I know nothing about poison, and I would imagine 12 points isn't enough to get effective damage. Plus you already have bow skills and I hate making characters with wasted skill points. Lastly would be to get frozen arrow, which is a decent crowd control skill and would round out your character with a 3rd damage type (dual immunes are a pain).

I would say stick with strafe. I found it very fun the first time I used it, and that's what matters - have fun with whatever decision you make. So if I were you, I'd have fun making an IK barb, since you have found the most difficult part. Maybe have fun giving that extra armor to someone :wink3: .


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Congratulations man! Pretty unique build you got there! +style!
Also interesting gear. It must have been challenging to finish her.

OMG gib armor! :)
And GL on your next char, the IK Barb. (I know you will do the right thing!)


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Congrats on the Mat! Definitely style points for the equipment choices :grin:

I'd suggest pumping LS as a synergy to CS, more damage is always better, especially against bosses.

An IK Barbarian is a lot of fun. That's currently what I'm leveling right now, after having found the armor and maul in the most recent Pindlethon. Spinning like a madman never looked so cool.


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An IK Berzerker is the way to go, in my high-and-mighty oppinion. hehe

Since you already have the hardest part of the set...


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Looks like it will be an IK barb... just need to set him up with some levelling gear and whatnot.

The last two pieces of the set I need are the helm and (surprisingly) the maul. Hopefully pindle will be nice to me in the next couple of days. I've really had good luck lately with MF, so we'll see.

Thanks for the advice guys, happy thanksgiving in advance :)