Finally Kicked Hell Bhaal right in the Yeast Bowl!!


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Finally Kicked Hell Bhaal right in the Yeast Bowl!!

Yep, got the highest non-hardcore title. For someone who first bought and played Diablo 2 when 1.09 was old, and after a CD splintering only re-started playing for 1.10 came out, at 1 hour per day, and on an ANCIENT machine (I had to try getting Bhaal several time: with FPS often down to 0.1, it can take far over an hour...), not bad.

A simple Summonancer (BTW, I always like the necro most, I really liked the revive-bone spear necromancer of 1.09. Sure wish Iron maiden were still a functioning base mechanic (not for the blood golem, BTW)), level 83, who died about three times that game alone. Got a lucky map, where only the Throne room conatined Gloams (but, of course, the obligatory spear-chucking cats made minion gaining really hard...).

Focusing on summoning skills, I have a +11/+12 to summoning tree, I think (found everything myself. This guy is supplying my other characters...). Practically no resists (I actually relied on the -100% cap...) Died on the second hit from anything...

Now, I'll either give DII a rest, to get my interest back up, or maybe level up my Bonemancer, Trapassin, Bowazon (whew, It's going to be a long way until she can use that Windforce I found for her...for some reason, I find good bows. Riphook, Witchwild string,...), Werebear, and, eventually, the Paladin, Barbarian and sorceress. God I wish I started them with -act5, Act three gets very tedious after a while...

So, thanks for listening.


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hehe gratz on the pat, the first one is always the start of many more... lvl him up some more, maybe u will find some decent equipment for your other chars, that should grab you rattention to pat//mat your other chars :p

but again, great job on the pat :thumbsup: have a drink on me at the EMB :drink:



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Congrats on the pat! The first one's always the best, I hear (only had one up to now, myself).

Playing a Summonmancer on an ancient machine sure is brave!


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Kewl! Now all you need is a second one--haven't managed that trick myself (2nd highest level character I have has only just reached Hell Act 1), but I'll manage it. Eventually. Sometime...

Kolor Klown

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Grats on the Pat, I'm starting on another one, only this time he's melee pally instead of necro.

-Klown :thumbsup: