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Finally, a couple of minutes ago I found my last piece completing natalyas set(scissors suwayyah of course) thus completing all sets I set out to find, I am a collector.

I first started with an amazon maybe 3 years ago then I took a break from playing until last december. she is now lvl 93½, I played untwinked then and had no idea of atmas existence. I gathered m'avinas full set with her, it took a long time but finally I got the diadem from the pit lvl 2. A hybrid lgt fury/freezing arrow is an excellent pitrunner btw.

After I completed that set I said to myself never to start another character cause I knew I would eventually 'need' to complete the specific set for that character as well. I couldn't stay away so I started an assassin, only 4 pieces, it would be easy to find everything I thought...
I got the first 3 pieces relatively fast and on was the hunt for the claw! I never found it then...(but I had found it once with my amazon before I found the diadem and grand matron bow)

I then became a member here, still searching for the claw and still running in the pits. maxicek wrote in a thread in the assassin pages that he had found the claw in a pindlerun for his assassin, I pm:ed him and he told me he was playing singleplayer and as a sorceress! :shocked:....sorceress:shocked:

Then how the peep did he get the claw to his assassin? This is when I first got to know what atma really was. I only thought it was a drop calculator at first.
My life and my need for finishing the set suddenly got easier :) I could move some items to assassin from my amazon.
I made a mf sorceress right away, hydra wasn't the way to go...
I made a meteorb, it wasn't the way to go
I then made a blizzard, it was the way to go!
I finished aldurs set, then griswold(yeah, I know, quite early since it's so hard to complete) then tal rasha,then trang-oul, then immortal king and now natalya. (I did however find the claw with my meteorb sorc that I turned into a fireballorb sorc instead, she killed faster in the end with rainbow facets and tals set, not having to rely on the merc killing pindle when he was immune to cold was sweet)

I got all sets in 3 months, 3 months full of d2:ing, i've left lots of other things undone, the only game I have finished besides this is condemned 2.

Has D2 in any way ruined your life? Lost a job? girl/boyfriend? Lost friends? Hurt your body? Expensive bills in the 56k era?(I got one, dad was furious, many years ago now =))

I got one more thing to do now, finish the game through hell with 4 character and make a barbarian for bul katho's set :)
The only thing I had before that I wish I have now is death's web.

I'm gonna party like it's 999!


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Re: Finalé

So, what are we supposed to say ref. to this thread ?

So, here's what i understood ( and corect me if I'm wrong or something ) :

You are a collector, you are a perseverer, your daddy is angry on you, your only wish is that fancy death's web.

Cool ... but what's the catch , and in the name of Cucachamba , what's up ? I mean what's the hubba , Bob ?

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Re: Finalé

I think he's just happy he finally accomplished his goal and wanted to share his happiness.

congrats to the OP


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Re: Finalé

Why didn't you said so ?

Then I'm so glad for him , too.

Well done completing all, my friend.