'Film(s) of the week' thread.


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'Film(s) of the week' thread.

Here we go again, new week, new thread...

This last week I have watched...

Point Break - I had forgotten how good this film was, just great!
Shrek 2 - Very funny. Loved the joke about Cat Nip.
Donny Brasco.
Demolission Man.
Usual Suspects - One of my top 10 films.
American Pie The Wedding.
Die Hard = Classic

What film(s) have you watched this week and why did you love/hate it?


Ash Housewares

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Star Trek First Contact
Star Wars
Army of Darkness

really skimped on movies so far, need to get to the video store see bad education, sideways, crap like that

~Kazama Fury~

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I havent had the chance to watch many movies this week because of my finals.

Lets see... I saw Matrix Revolutions again because a friend didnt see it and decided to bring it here.

After watching that, it gave me an urge to watch the Animatrix... so I did.

So thats about it.


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Can't believe I forgot this one in the first post...

Happy Gilmore - Cracked me up! :lol:

...and I must get round to watching the Matrix films again, haven't seen them for quite a while.



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I watched Get Shorty over the weekend because they were playing it on USA. But of course, it was edited to ****, so I watched it on DVD later on too. What a good movie.


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I saw "Old Boy" this weekend. It's a Korean movie (English subtitles) about the ultimate futility of revenge. Very well made, and more than a little disturbing.


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Transformer's the movie. 3 times :D. :king: of all movies
Young Master
Rush Hour 1&2
Monty Python and the Holy grail
"The big wet" a nature documentary. honestly.


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Air Force One
Donnie Darko
The Butterfly Effect

I think I'll be watching those movies this week as well. :thumbsup: to movies.


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Lord_Shinnok said:
Young Frankenstein.
Frou Blucher!
*Horse whinny*

Hehehehehe, love that movie.

I watched Without a Paddle. Not a very good movie, but it had some funny moments.


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Just got a copy of Pulp Fiction again and watched it, still as awesome as ever.

Also picked up Initial D #6 so i had to go back and watch the other 5 before that one, and if you know Initial D ...... then ........... GAH.


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Transformers the Movie for the win!

"Oh how it pains me to do this!"

"Who disrupts my coronation? Coronation Starscream? This is bad comedy."

What a classic.

Anyway, I watched the Band of Brothers miniseries this weekend. Don't know if it counts, but it's an amazing series. I loved every episode, and its very touching in places. I fully recommend it to everyone.


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The Big Blue
Rocky I

Speaking of Young Frankenstein.. Gene Hackman does his greatest performance ever in this movie imo.

- Werewolf!?
- There, wolf. There, castle..