'Film(s) of the week' thread (16/05/05)


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'Film(s) of the week' thread (16/05/05)

Howdy folks, it's that time of the week again...

I have watched :
Star Wars - All 5 - I still hate the latest two! Just hope the new one is better... Premier is on tonight in Leister Square, London, so it will be out in the cinema shortly. Looking forward to it actually, hope it doesn't let me down!
Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. - Best one of them imo. Great battle scenes.
Natural Born Killers - :worship:
Jonny English - Pretty funny, I liked it even though i'm not a great fan of Rowan Attkinson (except in Black adder ofc!).

I can never remeber all the ones I've seen, :rant: I will think on it and post again...

So what have you guys seen and was it any good?



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I recently purchased these classic Horror Movies on DVD:

-Wolf Man: The Legacy Collection
-Dracula (Bela Lugosi version)
-Bride of Frankenstein

And also a few recent horror movies:

-Evil Dead

Because a local DVD shop was having rebates on their horror movies.

I have watched Dracula this week and I loved it. Bela Lugosi is a very good Dracula! Hellraiser is also a very good film, which I also watched. This coming week hopefully I will watch the rest of them.


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Rented this week:

The Phantom of the Opera

Two very good films. Phantom was as good as I expected it to be, a really excellent stage to screen adapation. I had avoided seeing Closer in the theatres because Julia Roberts more often than not annoys me and when you don't like the characters in a character drama you don't have much left. Thankfully it was an excellent film with four superb performances and Roberts wasn't really annoying at all.

Ash Housewares

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Team America World Police
Day of the Dead
Star Wars Ep. 1

Episode 1 didn't bother me as much as it used to, atleast it has some redeeming qualities unlike 2


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First half of Phantom of the Opera (got bored...)
Deer Hunter
2001 A Space Odessey
House of Flying Daggers

Thats about it I'm afraid, and all the decent ones were on TV...


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Ash Housewares said:
Episode 1 didn't bother me as much as it used to, atleast it has some redeeming qualities unlike 2
Is it just me or did you go all crazy nuts here?

I watched the Fifth Element again because I now have the "better" DVD version and this makes me happy.

I also finally got off my ass and bought Pulp Fiction, so I've been watching that too. What a great movie.


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Croup said:
Is it just me or did you go all crazy nuts here?
What do you mean, go crazy nuts? Thought it was common knowledge that everyone here was a loon! :lol:

I think you get numb too the the two new Star Wars episodes...



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I've watched Taking lives, Dodgeball and Harold and Kumar this weekend.

H&K was absolutely awesome: funny as hell.


p.s.: You should smoke some while watching it; I don't know if it still rules without it.....