Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl

I'd like to send out a big SUCK IT! to all the naysayers who ragged on BSU not being a powerhouse team. They're going to the Fiesta Bowl!

I hope Oklahoma wins their next game so they have the honor of being beaten by BSU.:laugh:


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An undefeated record in that conference and no real quality wins doesn't exactly make a powerhouse.

They played:
Sacramento State: 4-7
Oregon State: 8-4
Wyoming: 6-6
Hawaii: 10-2
Utah: 7-5
La Tech: 3-9
NM State: 3-8
Idaho: 4-8
Fresno State: 4-7
San Jose State: 7-4
Utah State: 1-11
Nevada: 8-4

One win versus a BCS conference school in Oregon State and that was also very early in the season. They played no ranked teams and had no real challenge.

Also, the Fiesta bowl is a prediction for them, not locked up yet.

So I'll be realistic and wish them the best in their bowl game, but I'll not be "sucking" anything just yet.



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If they play Oklahoma and win, they may get some respect. But they have hardly earned it yet. Hell, even FSU might have gone undefeated with that schedule, and they are terrible.
Don't knock a 39-1 record since joining the WAC.

And yes, the Fiesta Bowl is a lock. They're on record at about halftime that if BSU won, it was theirs. Since then they've said all they're waiting for is the official BCS standings to be released later this week. Only after then are they allowed to officially make their offer.

Talga Vasternich

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Personally, I'd love for BSU to play in one of the top games... win...and have Ohio State lose.
This way, there'd only be one undefeated team in the country and a perfect claim for at least a share of the National Championship.

That being said... if they get blown out of the game, it'll show how (not)good they are.


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I think that since they are undefeated, they should get to play OSU for the NC. Of course, since I am a Buckeyes fan I would love to see them crush the Smurfs.
There's no way in hell BSU deserves a shot at the national championship. They're only #8 right now. Best they can hope for is #3 or #4. Not bad considering that they are a WAC team.

Need I mention WAC champion 5 times in a row? :flip:


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Isn't there a saying along the lines of "winning the WAC is like winning at the special olympics..."? BSU had a good year, and I think they should be given the chance to prove themselves in a BCS game. So if they make it in, congratulations to them. And good luck, they'll be playing for a lot more than just themselves.

Ash Housewares

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so boise states goal is to go undefeated in the regular season or is it to earn a major bowl and then WIN that bowl game?

gloat after they have won the game, or if they have a respectable showing and lose, feel free to sing their praises

but until then, the sucking of 'it' shall be left to you