Fiery Runes II Malthael: Soulfyre's End


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Less than 4 years ago the Fiery Runes changed and became more "souly" with Diablo 3's Expansion: Reaper of Souls. Over the course of that time I've change and broke the traditional mold of the Black screen and rune-circle with cut-out artwork. With the start it began with Malthael and now ends with him.

With the Rise of the Necromancer Pack out now it's time to break the runes down into their Essence...

Updates soon and thank you for enjoying this series as much as I have.


Malthael art by Jean-Baptiste Monge

Art (C) Blizzard & their respected artists/owners

Diablo 2/3 & Heroes of the Storm (c) Blizzard.

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