Fhr question


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Fhr question


1st of all:how many fhr do u have with ur "average" (what u most use) gear?(do u have 42 fhr breakpoint or 86?)
2nd:against smiters, trappers, windies u n 86 fhr breakpoint (it is good y?:laugh: ).Now i use vs windie+smiter coa+forti+bloodfist+dungo etc with this gear i have 70 fhr (coa is bered).So do u use fhr charms for hit the 86 fhr breakpoint?When yeah, then what charms?(4xsc or 1 shape sk with 12 fhr + 1xsc?)
Vs trapper i use the same gear only changing helm to um'ed jalals.I have now the same fhr (70).The question is the same like the smite+windie question.

I hope u can understand this :rolleyes:


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I get the jest of it.

I have started using jalals only. Heres what I use and I all was meet the 86%. Weather or not you use 86% or 42% is 100% up to you. When I go into pubbys I also tend to all ways have over maxed resist all, 75% blockrate, 50% dr, and just over 60% open wounds and deadly strike. I have found that rabies damage with the death web switch trick. Tends to be enough to kill of smiters aka vindacators.