fhr database for a lvl 21 pally

fhr database for a lvl 21 pally

anyone have a link to a chart for fhr for a lvl 21 pally,,,

also i have a twitch..it has 25 fbr i do beliieve..is that calc'd as easy as adding it to my blk on the shield i use??? or is there some subtle factor that i am missin?


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FHR is not level dependant, so here is the universal FHR chart for the different classes. And FBR (faster block rate) and CTB (chance to block) are two different properties. FBR is how often you can block (in frames), while CTB is, in effect, the chance to block. In that same post shown above there is an FBR table that can be used to calculate your blocking speed.
so am i to take from that grid..that all i need 48% fhr
if i were using a spear or stave...and only 15 fhr with any other weapon
to hit the top...ie 7 frames??


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There are scrollbars at the bottom of each "Code"... just move it over and you'll see more breakpoints.
whoops..im a doof...sorry...i understand now.

but i still have a inquiry...i am gonna use a twitch on my lvl 21 zealot pvp'er.
i have 52% chance to block on my aerin shield and 22% chance to block on my twitch...thus shud i apply the block formula:


i assume that this formula is for those whom want to plan ahead.

i however have my gear and am almost at the lvl im shootin for.

can i simply put on my shield and my twitch...and then lvl to 21
then on the "C" screen pump dex til the chnce to block display on the right says 75%...?

and if so then the twitch *** simply reduce the amnt of dex needed to get to 75% ctb?


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Yes, that strategy should work fine. Be aware though that at level 24 you can invest a point to holy shield - a skill which again increases your chance to block (14% at level 1). In the case that you aspire to get to 24 and use holy shield, you will need even less dex invested to reach the 75CTB. So, if i were you i would plan ahead using that formula.

CTB = 91%*(dex-15)/clvl*2

cLvl = 24, CTB = 75, isolate dex.

dex = ~55

Aim for about 55 dex at level 24, that should give you 75 CTB with holy shield.