FHR and berserk question


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Making an IK berserk barb. IK gets me to the 5frame FHR BP. Would it be worth it seeing as I will be getting hit more with berserk to socket the helm with shaels to reach the next FHR BP. (I'm not rich enough for 40/15's so please don't throw that at me as a socket idea for helm hahaha).

My thought process in this comes from the whole 1/12 of your max life to enter recovery VS. berserk giving you 0 defense, thus being hit more often, THUS possibly needed better FHR to bounce back faster.

I am pretty much stuck between um runes or shaels for the helm ATM, although I don't believe I will need the ums. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome (EXcept 40/15's XD).


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My only experience with Berserk Barbs is my PitBarb, who has good gear and only runs on /p1 and as a consequence doesn't need much in terms of defensive propterties. So take this with a grain of salt.

First of all, I think you only go into hit recovery when you take a hit that is higher than 1/12 of max life. So it doesn't matter if you take more hits, since the amount of damage an attack deals isn't higher with 0 defense. Obviously higher number of attacks coming through means higher chance that an attack which deals 1/12 max life hits you. But as a Barb, you should have plenty of life, so it's less of an issue.

Second, instead of going for faster hit recovery, you might be better off reducing incoming damage. That 1 frame less hit recovery might not make that much of a difference in the end. But high resists and some PDR/DR% will go a long way in making sure you decrease incoming damage, and as such avoid going into hit recovery alltogether. In that respect putting a Sol in the helm might be a good option as well.