ffk druid(criticism and advice plz)


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ffk druid(criticism and advice plz)

well after doing many titan druids and 1 vita druid(all druid have been fury wolfs)
if decided to go for a ffk dex build
was contemplating either this duild or ballanced build but i think the all dex ffk build will do pretty good..anyways on with my druid!

armor-duress runeword,upped crow caw,(or ill stick with my 160 ed +30 dmg,100 life armor)
gloves-upped bloodfists
helm-either cerebus bite or jahals(dont know if there a cap on open wounds yet)
boots-upped gores
belt-most likely 35/15 dungos or perhaps a nice rare 24 fhr life dex belt
shield-1.08 stormshield(shealed)
rings-2xravenfrost(high end)
charms-anni/39x20life scs(i only own about 4 32020s so please dont say get 39x32020s)

str-about 200(planning on making a sacred duress)
dex-everything else
skills-pretty cut and dry
max fury,lyc,oak,ww

a couple of quick questions
is there a cap on deadly strike and open wounds?(100% maybe)
is upped g angel an option due to higher block%?

my names jay and in useast non ladder
account name-callmejay
I think Duress is your best option for the build. I would also use guillaumes over jalals or cerebrus (to get ds to max). And crushing blow DOES help in PvP. Quite a bit in some duels.

If you can get about 4 shifter charms with 30+ life I would use them with the other 20 life charms (it will help with ar and damage, but wont wreck your life pool).

The only thing I would do a lot different is that I would use the lowest strength I could possibly get by with, pump dext, and stick about 100 into vita for survivablility. Bleeders need to stay alive so their opponents can bleed. But you might have success with high damage from the "dex titan" setup. I haven't ever tried it.

good luck!


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hi ink thanks for the reply..i would go lower str but i want to use my 08 ss so ill boost the str up as far as that goes.....ill also go for the max dex build...ill be looking at 5k+life which should do the trick....i think ill save me stats just in case i change my mind:)

time to sheal my guillaumes helm


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thanks puma...so guillaumes would be over kill then:)thanks for info
now either c-bite or jahals


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There are no caps besides the obvious 100 but whatever. There are a million threads I can drag up on that.

Jay, I'm sure you've been around for me and ink arguing enough to know that you don't need a .09 cruel to be effective in dpk. Massive mods such as deadly, open wounds, etc really can do wonders. Dex build will overall help, you have more ar, and the same damage/life as a str build using a knife.
I am a huge fan of damage modifiers. The allow for more varieties of ways to build duelers. A cruel or botd or whathave you might be all out attack, and have a nice "character screen" readout, but the modifiers can make up for a severe lack of damage.

I still think shael guillaumes is your best option.


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For a higher block %, one of the set shields.. 1 second let me go look.. Whitstan's Guard from the Orphans Call set, offers a rather high block rate on it's own. Arreats says it's at 87% for Druids, but as I recall the item is bugged, and I DON'T recall that the bug was ever fixed. The bug was that, you guessed it, it has a much higher base block rate than quoted. Some test or research on the shield should bring some light to whether or not this a viable option for you. :)


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make a dex titan
NO DEFENSE! that 200 more defense isnt gonna save you from 15k ar ww barbs/zealots, low str, so dont use up'd stuff, it wont help you at all
blocking should be no problem then.
use enigma (mage/breast plate) so you can go pure dex maybe some in vit

since it is the ffk, You're going to aim to have 100% ds and 100% ow
ffk= 66% ow 33% ds
gores: 15% ds 10% ow
hl: 30%+ ds at high levels
helmet:shael gualliames: 15% ds, 50% fhr
gloves, dracs (for OW)/ bloods
shield: 1.09 ss way less strength than 08 ss and has better blocking (not gonna be a problem here), maybe the lance guard against casters, 20% ds, 30% fhr and the +50 life multiplied by lycan/oak would be around 200 life
rings: ravens
belt: dungoes

thats about 93% + ds, 76% OW w/o dracs and 90% fhr w/o dracs
pretty damn good, kinda makes me want to make a ffk dex titan.
You're have like 30k ar and 5k+ damage i would imagine.

agree with the getting ss/life charms to boost your life.

you're UP'd items wont help you do anythign cept make you waste stat points into strength.