FF7 Theme Account input plz....:)


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FF7 Theme Account input plz....:)

I'm thinking about making one and was wondering what class/ build people think each character would be. the characters i was thinking of using... were:

Yuffie (i figure she'll be an assassin)
Red XIII (Werewolf?)
Barrett (Barb?)

Any ideas on class/ build? or maybe even different characters?

Aragorn, if this is poorly placed i'm terribly sorry, but i figure this forum gets alot of views from alot of different types of people and it's the best fit i could find :-D


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Ouff this one is very hard indeed. I'll just answer enough to get things started, because I don't really remember these chars that well anymore.

Sephiroth(duh!) - Bone Necro with melee attack of some sort+spells or Druid
Cloud - Melee Paladin without a shield :p
Vincent - Hard one to place anywhere, perhaps Druid with some sort of ranged attack here, or Necro with ranged attack
Cid - Spear Barbarian :D
Tifa - Melee Sorc or Palazon
Yuffie (i figure she'll be an assassin) - Blade Fury hehehe
Red XIII (Werewolf?) - No other alternative really.
Barrett (Barb?) - Dual Swing barb with ranged attack on switch, or maybe Bash also. Something brutal here, but must have ranged attack also to simulate his cannon.


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Here's some ideas for you.

Sephiroth - I'm thinking a Poison/Bone Necro. Some kind of hybrid.
Cloud - Zeal/Fanaticism Two Handed Sword Pally.
Vincent - I'm thinking a Bear Druid or Trang's Necromancer.
Cid - Charge Pike-a-din. (Max Charge, Vigor, Fanatacism, Might)
Tifa - Martial Arts Assassin (Tiger Strike / Dragonflight)
Yuffie - Traps Assassin
Red XIII - Fireclaws Wolf Druid
Barrett - Throw Barb

Another character to consider...

Aeris - Staff using Sorceress (any kind)


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tinncann25 said:
isnt their some cloud sword that cloud can use...idk style?

Cloudcrack maybe?

One-Hand Damage: (35-42) To (100-120) (67.5-81 Avg)
Two-Hand Damage: (97-117) To (150-180) (123.5-148.5 Avg)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 113
Required Dexterity: 20
Durability: 40
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
+150-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)
6% Chance To Cast Level 7 Fist Of The Heavens On Striking
Adds 1-240 Lightning Damage
10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
+30 Defense
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15
+2 To Defensive Auras (Paladin Only)
+2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)
+2 To Light Radius
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Should have a 'large' appearance, even if it's not massive... and I'd recommend upping it to elite... lol.


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Definitely use Cloudcrack for style points on Cloud. Really, time's like this I wish there was an Elite Unique "Buster Sword"...

Oh, and FF7 stands for Final Fantasy 7, not the Fox Force from Pulp Fiction. Good movie, by the way. :lol:


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Unrealism said:
Just remember to make Aeris a hardcore char, then get her killed after act 1.
Well, you have to have her pked. Make sure she does NOT die to monsters. :lol: Preferably 1 hit ko, lol.


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hahaha personalize the sword and it'll become Cloud's Cloudcrack

on a side note, i was told that there's a way to make aeris live in the japanese ff7, sooo she doesn't really have to be hardcore =)

Ash Housewares

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cloudcrack is about as bad a choice of weapon for a character named Cloud as I can think of

how about I use a sword named Ashcrack? :p

and if this is on realms I assume you have some kind of tag since most of those names will be unavailable


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I'd make Tifa a ****ty martial arts assassin who doesn't do much melee damage and also doesn't have very many good spells, but has some anyway.

What, you guys actually used her? :p It's all about Cloud, Barrett, and either Vincent, Red XIII, or Cid...

Ash Housewares

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diablo2addict said:
I'd make Tifa a ****ty martial arts assassin who doesn't do much melee damage and also doesn't have very many good spells, but has some anyway.
sounds like your typical MA assassin

:hanky: :hanky: :hanky:


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The world seems to be full of masochists. Here are a few suggestions to make it more tough and less rewarding.


No twinking

Do all quests

Go everywhere

Kill everything

Gather all WPs

No abuse of shopping

No rerolling of tough versions of quest monsters, like the Ancients.

Each area is to be visited but once. You might go there a second time for quests, as long as you don't abuse it.

If you are done with them and their time has come, give them a worthy funeral and let them expire with all they wear and carry.


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[OT] While I agree that Cloud and Barret is where it's at, I actually use/like Tifa for most of the game. I always use her as support/heal since she's pretty fast in terms of ATB. Besides, her limit break is the best one early game, due to the number of hits you get off of it. The only comparable one in terms of benefits would be Cloud's 2nd Level 1 Limit Break (Cross Slash, I think it's called?). Usually though, I sub out Tifa mid-late game and replace her with Yuffie, who by the way could very well be the best non-boss killing character you get. I'll explain why I choose her over other characters.

Cait-Sith: SUCKS. Period.

Vincent: His Limit Breaks basically mean you just lost a party member. I say this because his Limit Breaks cause you to only use attacks, and it's a random decision as to which one he will do. Sure, the attacks are powerful, but if you play twinked like I do, an attack is NOT a W-Summon of Knights Of the Round or at least a Mime of it. Therefore, inferior.

Tifa: Not really an end-game charater. She's useful up until mid-end disc 2.

Red XIII: I really dislike him. Sure, he's got speed, but his Limit Breaks aren't as good as Barret, Cloud, or Cid. He's just never been appealing to me for that reason.

Cid: I actually really like Cid. His final Limit Break, Highwind, is very good, and packs a big punch (er... missile?). However, he doesn't match up with Yuffie in terms of usage and role. To me, Cid is like Barret #2, and I don't need another Barret, I need someone on support, and you'll see why I prefer Yuffie better, next.

Yuffie: Probably the best third character choice for two main reasons. First, Yuffie's final Limit Break deals 9999 damage to every enemy on the screen, which is nice for cleanup purposes. Second, if you equip her right, there's a neat trick you can do with her that'll carry you through most of the time you have her. Have her weapon be the Conformer, and her armor can be anything with at least a couple of linked slots (this will be where you link materia you want to level). Anyway, in her linked slots, do the following combinations: Morph = Preemptive Attack, Master Command = Master All. For added style points and better usage, you could also consider equipping Hades summon in her weapon slots, which gives any enemy she hits all negative statuses they can recieve. Basically, what this will do is cause Yuffie to get the first move in every battle. She will do Morph on every enemy on the screen, and when using the Conformer, she's not affected by the 10% damage rate of Morph. She'll essentially do normal damage to every enemy, usually killing all enemies before anyone else can attack. This will get your item count up in a hurry, and if you're running around in the Nibelhiem Reactor areas, you can get sources to up your stats in a hurry. She's the only one that can do this, and really goes the distance. Besides, if all else fails, she can at least Mime a WSummon KotR.

[Back On Topic] I thought of another sword that Cloud could use. He could use a Lightsabre, since his final sword in FF7 becomes transparent based upon damage and glows that eerie blue color. Kinda reminds me of what the Lightsabre looks like.

And Tifa doesn't have to suck, TStrike + DFlight = a lot of freekin' damage. This also has the combo element of her limit break. Otherwise, you could go straight Kick-a-sin for better crowd control.


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I cant think of a time where I EVER had to mime a wsummon KotR...
It killed everything besides the weapons, but there was a whole different strategy to take them out

Anyway yea you could bring Aeris back in US version with a gameshark, get Sephiroth in your party too... ahhh that debug room...

monte cristo

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Isn't it enough that Aeris died this one time :D ? And you people want to kill the best character once more. I say she lives, and make her a nicely dressed sorceress. No shako or tal set. Yuck :)


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@Unrealism - Yeah, the different tactic to beat the weapons. I wrote the FAQ on how to beat Emerald with only getting hit once. Literally. Look it up on Gamewinners.com. SMackALIVE = Me = My old AOL sign-on name.


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carrothers said:
@Unrealism - Yeah, the different tactic to beat the weapons. I wrote the FAQ on how to beat Emerald with only getting hit once. Literally. Look it up on Gamewinners.com. SMackALIVE = Me = My old AOL sign-on name.
Having a little trouble finding it, can i get a link?