FF - friday finally


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FF - friday finally

It's friday and I'm at home. Just had breakfast and now I'm preparing for my weekly shopping run ;)

I didn't play last evening, it simply was too late when the kid finally slept. I already lost characters because I played when I was too tired, and I'm careful now with HC ;)

MET will continue during the day, I'm sure ;)


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Happy Friday Corm :)
What a week. A daughter with a very bad tooth infection and me layed down with the flue :(
Hopefully I can get some play time this weekend. Almost none at all this week. No D2 is worse than coffee withdrawals :D
Have a happy Friday all.

- Jas :howdy:


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The only thing that I managed to do in DII today was loose a good hell Meph map with my MF sorc... :(

Anyway, a happy friday to all ^-^.


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Finally Friday ;)

Going home in about 3 hours. Will probably finish normal with my Blizz Sorc today. Hmm, nothing else to report here.


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At work. Waiting PATIENTLY for time when I can go home.

My skelliemancer is sitting in act 2 normal right outside the palace WAITING for me to get home!

Hopefully I will get him deep into nightmare even hell in this weekend.

Happy friday to all :clap:


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I'm home!

Did my shopping, got the weekend entirely to myself so can game all I want, whenever I want.

Edit: starting as of now...


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Analist said:
....got the weekend entirely to myself so can game all I want, whenever I want.
Hmmm theres things here in life I can live with out knowing. That was one of them *jealous as hell* J/K ;)


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I got up, and did some work. Then I realised it was too damn hard and had a break. That was an hour and a half ago. I'm going to spend the weekend trying to cram as much Maths and as many rate equations and their derivations as I can into my head for my 2 exams next week.

Who'd have though first year Chemical Engineering would be so incredibly hard:(?

Analist said:
Did my shopping, got the weekend entirely to myself so can game all I want, whenever I want.
I need to go shopping too. All I have left to eat right now is some chicken dippers and half a pack of chocolate digestives:p. I wish I could spend all weekend playing D2, my hammerdin needs to gain some more levels, and it's starting to slow down now he's level 90


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huzzah. corax's first week as a working guy went off without a hitch. I even got called in at a completely different store. so i pwn those noobs.

got my 1.07 sorc up to act 3 normal. lvl 3.

started a leap barb too. but then i had to go and get my gf from the preschool she's working at.


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Aye, happy Friday. It seems that my alarm never went off today, so I just decided to bag work and called in. =P So, Im home to play D2 today. Woohoo!

My Meteorb beat Normal last night and is now in the middle of Act 1 NM. I was in the Glacial Trail last night though and was running around. Cleared an entire side and didnt find the WP, so had to run to the other. On my way back, I saw a Gold Demonhide Sash laying on the ground. Heh, I was really happy cause I didnt have any String of Ears yet, but I couldnt believe I never noticed it when I was killing stuff. I was so happy that the WP placement decided to screw me for once. =P

Well, thats my random story for the day. Have a good one folks!



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Happy Friday!!

At work also, but hoping to get off a bit early and sneak in some D2 before heading off to a baseball game tonight. Got my new paladin started last night, currently sitting inpatiently in Lut Gholein waiting for me to get home. Going for an un-tested build, so I hope he turns out as good as he looks on paper :p . Also just traded for the last piece of Mav's set I needed, so will be starting on a Frost Maiden soon.



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I started shopping for the concept art contest. So if any of you can draw the prize is a stash filled with the spoils of 100 Hell Meph runs. (AE or Krem is it ok to give away the runes I find on the runs or does that violate the forum rules?). I found a perfect Guardian Angel last night for the giveaway. :clap: Unfortunatly, I got up this morning and in a cloudy haze I lost my map. :rolleyes: It's wierd, Last night Meph dropped greens and golds literally every drop. This morning in 10 runs.... not one. :confused:

I hope everyone is having a great day. Windforces for everyone!!



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had a great day rolling charms yesterday, no fingerprints here though, wrong comp. im at dad, single player at mom.

but made a 1+ passive 7%frw and a defensive with 1+ max damage. i have 4 skillers now, these two + summon(druid) elemental druid. kind of spooky that all have a second mod..
Well i started my first new char last night after the wipe a 1.9b druid.
hes kinda fun but its real hard running around the blood moor on players 20 and killing stuff (at lvl one i wnt out on p64 and it took 5 min to kill a zombie)
also how do i reset map seeds and/or recover them? something like -seed if so where do i type it in?
oh also what another great build for 1.9b? thanks
Ahh friday, it pwns indeed.
at the start of the day i had to improve and hand in 3 peices of coursework in 1 lesson. Woke up at 6am. 1st peice was completed(ish) by 7:30. then at college second peice was done by about 10:15. The final peice however had to wait until the lesson that it was meant to be handed in. Then, like a act from a D2 god, the teacher was in a meeting for the first hour of the lesson.
Final peice finished about 3 minutes before she arrived, when i shocked her by handing in all my work.
As for D2, will start the HC team tourny soon, and will play some of my ES sorc later as well. Might go see star wars at the cinema later if i can be arsed.


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Man, I know its been tough if I can't post in the daily until 4 pm. This morning I came back from Savannah and had to wake up at 4:45 am to make my 6:30 flight. Once back, I worked for a couple of hours and then went to a lunch with clients to hear Alan Greenspan talk (he really is a remarkable man). Now I'm back at work to finish the day. I'll hopefully get to D2 over the weekend for the first time in 2 weeks. Hopefully...


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I was not able to play much last night, although I did get my fishymancer Silas through the last half of Act V Normal, so thats my first SP Slayer. I'm probably gonna play him some more today, and I'm pondering about making a Phoenix Strike MA Assassin (I'm a complete newb when it comes to sins).

Good luck to all.

-Guan Yu


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Recently I have been playing around with my Skellymancer of three weeks, General_Bones and I am amazed on how much gold and green items I have been seeing. Usually I play around in the multiplayer forum but this skellymancer is my first actual single player character. Currently he is sitting in Act V on normal after having a hell of a time killing Diablo. I am picking up more uniques now then I have ever did over my 3 years playing Diablo II.


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farting bob said:
Might go see star wars at the cinema later if i can be arsed.
I am extremely jealous of all you people who have cinemas nearby.

Anyway, still no D2 for me, but I am thinking about it. :) Mention of an MFO that may be upcoming may encourage me to go looking for that blasted Russet Armour... or I could level my Javazon... or my Hammerdin... or my Poison Necro... or start a new character... or...

Since I have work tomorrow, however, such things must wait.

Have a good day!