Few stragedy questions

foh pally

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Few stragedy questions

Ok I built a mage and i've been usin a coh with him but recently i got enigma for dueling necros and such. I can't quite the hang of telehammering though, WHen you do this are you switchin back to the concentration aura real fast or just usin hammers wihtout it. If you are switching how do you switch fast enough. Also with this being a mage non of my hammer skills are maxed. He is lvl 87 right now and has about a 5k hammer with lvl 15 hammer 15 vigor and 8or 9 concentration. Realistickly i plan on lvling him to about lvl 95 so i would like input on what skill placements would give me the most hammer damage with 8 skills pts. should i up vigor and conc or bh . Any advice would be helpful.


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You'll probably need to change your Skill keys. I've found that the lower left area of the keyboard is very good for this, i.e. A, Z, S, X, etc.

I've found that when TeleHammering, you need to hit the Concentration button while your screen is black, in mid-Teleport, so that it's ready to use the moment you reappear.

Sorry but I don't know much about mages, so I can't really help you out with skills. You should probably list all of your gear though.

Good luck!

foh pally

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ok my gear is as follows:
griffs eye
hoto w/ hoz on switch one
heavens light(2x5/5 light) w/ hoz (1x5/5 light) on switch 2
trang gloves
2x bk rings
1x arachs
10x pcgc
1x anni
can't remember wut skill lvls are exactly just the damage
bh-4.8-5k lvl 28 holyshield
foh 5.4-5.6k