Few QUestions for my new sin


Few QUestions for my new sin

hey all

i know sin is quite a unique type of char.

however, lets say ww/trap, in pub, whats gonna happen if the enemy has stacked light and poison res? does that mean the sin is no chance to win at all?

If i use bramble against stacked poison res chars, will it still be good at least?

EDIT: wuts exactly is the different between ww/trap and ghost? which has more physical side?

and honestly, why do ppl use suwayyah? i heard runic talons is the best?

Lastly, which of these 2 is better in pubs?



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Re: Few QUestions for my new sin

1. Stacking does nothing unless you're stacking the max. Sins do not lower res, so extra is irrelevant. ;)

2. If the max is stacked (at 95 or w/e) then it'll do minimal help.

3. WW/Trap focusses on points into LS and syngeries. Ghost focuses on Sahdow skills focused around the claw (mastery, block, venom, etc).

3B. Ghosts are more efffective at phys due to maxing mastery, but both can use physical set-ups. WW/Trap requires really good gear to pull this off.

4. Runic is the fastest. Suwayyah lets the person WSM bug and have higher damage without worrying about max trap laying. For WSM bugging, read the Ghost guide stickied at the top of the forum :)

5. I've heard that WW/Trap does better in a multiplayer environment, but Ghost is greatest when in 1v1 :)