Few Minor Questions


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Few Minor Questions

Hello, been about a year since I've played this game seriously.

The Ladder SC East economy is...weird.

0) I just traded a Frostburn for a Shako...is this normal?

Anyways, I had some other minor questions:

1) Have Item drop rates (sets, uniques, rares) been increased or have I just been lucky? (seen more items drop than ever before playing - with less MF than I have achieved at other times)

2) If I want to build wealth, should I only trade items for runes, and never trade for items? (Items seem undervalued at the moment)

3) I keep seeing people asking about the ladder season starting or some such, is this a stupid time to be making new characters on ladder right now? (This game is really fun and the new runewords look awesome! But I don't want to get reset before I make any of them)

4) I've been looking for people to play with and I know there's a match-making forum but I dunno, it doesn't seem to work well for me. Anyone have another way?


Evrae Altana

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0) Usually not, but maybe the guy you traded with is desparate or has no clue as to what prices are.
1) I don't think the drop rates increased. Maybe your killing speed improved. More kills in a certain period of time means more items in the same period of time.
2) Some items are worth a lot, so it might be worthwhile to buy them.
3) Just make a Ladder char. If you get to make some runewords, great. If you don't, then the Ladder will just reset, and it will be no different than if you had started on NL to begin with.
4) I've met none of my forum friends in Players Matchup. I've met all of mine in the trade forums. :laugh: