few item and shopping questions!


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few item and shopping questions!

hello, I am looking for things with +skills for my skelemancer !

just need to now a few things !

1. I shopped a wand with +3 to summoning skills (searching for arm of king leoric still)

is it possible to shop a better wand ? like +3 to summonings AND +3 RS/+3SM ?

or even +3 RS/+3SM/+3 CE ?? that would be ultimate until AOKL right ?

2. How should I do to find +necroskill amulets and Grand Charms ? so far ive found an amulet with +1 to necro skills but is it easier to MF for them or to craft/reroll yourself? anyone with experience on this please tell!

3. Where should I look for necro heads (shields) that can have +3 RS +3 SM +3 CE? not necessarily all at once but that would be ultimate!, is this possible?

in other words the best possible items for a fishymancer that you can shop or MF easily is what Im looking for,

playing singleplayer 1.13 just so you know, no trading...

level 80 in hell act 3 atm ...

thanks to anyone who answers!

nicro tower

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Re: few item and shopping questions!

This is a good source of information. From the little sense I managed to make from that, I think you have to have an item that has an ilvl to spawn the specific tier of staffmods. In your case, that would be tier 1 and 2, so your item needs to have an ilvl of 1-24. I don't think the +3 summoning affix can spawn at the ilvl of 24.

As for GCs with +skills, they start appearing some time in the middle of Act 3 NM. And I don't craft or anything, but basically you can shop/craft an amulet with +skills, but your character has to be above a certain level for those affixes to spawn.

Orphan can definitely answer this better than I can :p


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Re: few item and shopping questions!

The +skill tab prefixes have an alvl (affix level) of 50, so they can only appear on grand charms with an ilvl (internal level, aka item level) of 50 or more. The first area in the game that has alvl (area level) 50 is NM Great Marsh (or Flayer Jungle depending on your map), and every area after it has a higher alvl. So, you need to get your gcs (grand charms) from those areas.

You can also use a muling program like ATMA or GoMule (look in the stickes in the Single Player Forum for links) to check the ilvl in items whose origin you don't recall. It's also possible to get such a gc earlier if it dropped by a champion or unique; I *think* that champions have mlvl=alvl+1 and uniques have mlvl=alvl+2.

Also, saving pgems and rerolling gcs is probably the best way to get some skill charms, but for every necro-summoning gc you roll, you'll (on average) roll 20 non-necro-summoning gcs. :p You can either save them for other characters (recommended) or keep rerolling the same gc until you get one you want.

Another thing: skill gcs can also get useful second mods, like +life, so you might want to reroll gcs with the highest ilvl you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, this lowers the chance that any given reroll will result in a skiller, but the trade off is that you have better suffixes available. I've only been rerolling ilvl=99 gcs recently. I've got pretty much all the plain gcs I need, so I'm really only after gcs with good second mods.


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Re: few item and shopping questions!

To the OP, it IS possible to shop for a better wand, but it would be exxtremely time consuming for just +3 Skeles and +3 SM unless you have gotten really lucky.

+3 Summoning Wand is already good enough for an untwinked Skelemancer, I wouldn't go out of my way to get a +6 wand. I started this ladder with Skelemancer and only got a Spirit sword before I got an Arm of King Leoric, which, I might add, is an extremely annoying Wand like Oculus.

King leoric's fun comes from a stray melee mob that tries to attack you from behind, then BOOM, you are trapped in that bone prison WITH that melee mob. Oh, did I mention it 'procs' off scenery fire as well?

tl;dr: Don't bother trying to shop, your wand is good enough till you get leoric or spirit.