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Really hoped to finish before 01.01.2020 alas... Anyway finally managed to finish him so here is his story.

1. Intro
Rain runeword is an item that is hard to figure out. For cater type druids it offers +2 to all skills, substantial bonus to manna and…. nothing more, no FCR, no resists, no FHR, nothing really useful. It’s not getting better for melee type either with no real bonus for stats, AR, IAS or anything really useful. It does offer CtC level 15 twister but at 5% and un-synergized… have I mentioned it was to figure out?

To be honest it’s not as bad as I made it seem. Rain can be useful for fire druids with their timered spells or rabies-based druids which, although melee, benefits greatly from higher skill level. Actually, for my last druid I found Rain to be more useful than Bramble. Still I felt something was missing and I was looking for a way to utilize its CtC properly on a melee build.

I went over some ideas like strafezon or zealot but more and more I was drawn to the idea of feral rage druid. First, it’s a build I never tried beforehand. Second, it can reach fast attack which is important because of low CtC. Third, it leaves some room for customization – opportunity to add something special – while not greatly weakens the build, and so the idea was finalized and it was time to put the plan into action.

2. The Build

Str - 110
Dex - 50
Vit - 276

1 - all vines
1 - Grizzly
20 - HoW
20 - WW
20 - Feral Rage
12 - Lycan
12 - Hurricane --> to synergize:
- level 15 cyclone armor (absorbs ~400 damage), CtC 5%
- level 15 twister (~105 damage), CtC 5%
- level 15 tornado (~ 410 damage), CtC 20%

3. Equipment
Helm - Jalal's + [email protected] jewel
Shield - SS + Shael
Weapon (main) - Horizon's Tornado (277% ED)+ Shael
Switch - D-Limb
Gloves - LoH
Boots - Gores
Ring #1 - Raven 20/192

Amulet - Rune Torc
Required Level: 45
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 85
Fingerprint: 0xbfac9c39
+1 to Maximum Damage
Fire Resist +14%
Lightning Resist +31%
Cold Resist +14%
Poison Resist +14%
4% Life stolen per hit
4% Mana stolen per hit
+1 to Druid Skill Levels

Ring #2 (crafted) - Blood Hold
Required Level: 70
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 95
Fingerprint: 0x181730fc
+3 to Strength
+19 to Life
+60 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +11%
Lightning Resist +11%
Cold Resist +11%
Poison Resist +34%
2% Life stolen per hit
8% Chance to cast Level 3 Chain Lightning on attack

Belt - Rune Lock
Spiderweb Sash
Defense: 56
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 50
Required Level: 46
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x9861430e
+10 to Strength
Lightning Resist +5%
Cold Resist +24%
Poison Resist +20%
Attacker Takes Damage of 2
17% Faster Hit Recovery

Armor - Rain
Superior Dusk Shroud
Defense: 444
Durability: 22 of 23
Required Strength: 77
Required Level: 49
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0x8bc2aab5
+135 to Mana
Magic Damage Reduced by 7
Lightning Resist +30%
Increase Maximum Durability 14%
+2 to Druid Skill Levels
15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
5% Chance to cast Level 15 Twister on striking
5% Chance to cast Level 15 Cyclone Armor when struck
Socketed (3: 3 used)
4 GC - 15 STR, 245 AR, 23 MAX, [email protected]
6 SC - 6 STR, 19 life, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

PI's kit
Baranar's Star + Shael
Tiamat's Rebuke
Demon's Arch - Merc

4. Mercenary - Might Aura

Guillaume's Face
Duriel's Shell

Ogre Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 170 to 881
Durability: 26 of 26
Required Dexterity: 65
Required Strength: 185
Required Level: 64
Polearm Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0x859b221f
+306% Enhanced Damage
14% Life stolen per hit
30% Increased Attack Speed
Prevent Monster Heal
50% Chance to cast Level 16 Bone Spear on striking
Level 14 Corpse Explosion (26/30 Charges)
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (2: 2 used)

5. Thoughts and observations
  • It’s very fun build, fast and safe, almost always you have a leachable creature nearby so dangerous moments are very rare.
  • You can start using feral rage at level 12 so the fun starts early.
  • I decided against the easy way of Reaper's Toll as a solution to PI's and went with something different which allowed me to equip the mercenary with eth Bonehew. He was quite happy with this choice, scoring up to 6k damage and happily tanking all by himself. Actually, the merc proved to be an integral part of the build. Whenever we concentrated on the same monster it just melted before us.
  • PI's are PITA. Enough said.
  • Hardest parts – every place with lots of physical immune monsters, especially Maggot's Lair and Arcane Sanctuary. I had especially bad luck with Frozen River roll (ghosts, gloams) and WSK 3 which deserves a special mention:

Near the stairs, to the right, (not a stair trap) was a group of 4 champion blood lords which was enough of a reason to run to the opposite side of the corridor, it quickly turned out that a solution it was not. About the same distance on the opposite side was a pack of oblivion knights (just imagine champion blood lords & AD curse); I managed somehow to loose both of the packs on the left side and ran to right end of the corridor…..well…I TRIED to run to the right end but had immediately retreat back from a pack of Hell Temptresses (PI of course). Long story short, somehow managed to lure the harpies one by one to the only safe area I had near the entrance all the while avoiding somehow from luring the blood lords to my position at the same time…. fun moments.

  • I’m not sure how much the tornado was really helpful, on paper it should add ~500 damage but its direction is random and I just couldn’t tell if it had any real effect.
  • Cyclone armor on wolf = one of the best visual effects in D2
  • Deaths – I really tried not to die with this char and it is a VERY safe char indeed, but I still managed to fail twice (☹).

#1 – Durance of Hate level 2, in the middle of fight reverted back to human form with its tiny life bulb. I tried to hit the potions keys only nothing happened… turned out I was smashing the F-keys (skills) instead of 1-4 (potions).
#2 – CS, played 'cat & mouse' in order to spread the packs a bit before engaging but at one point I miscalculated and faced a group of 5 knights at the same time. Took 5 consecutive hits and time to take a nap… frustrating death.
  • This char is the poorest I EVER HAD. Every point for Rain cost 32K, add D-Limb and it is back to collecting exceptional armors from the ground! Had to fight baal with ~10K in stash. I've never before experienced such severe cost punishment.

6. Funny bits
  • The visual effects are great



  • Screenshot015.jpg
  • Influenced by this thread and this one and this one and this one, I decided to take as many SS as I can of unique monsters that I met. So what can we learn from it (at least for Fernir)?
Name List.jpg
  • The game prefers the letters B & S
  • M is the most original IMO
  • Sin has a lot of parts
  • The funniest:
  • The scariest:

Next char – golemmancer or some kind of a bowazon

Thanks for reading
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Nice character & writeup...always enjoy characters that use unusual equipment. Also liked the list of names :D

Superior elite armor will definitely eat up gold w/repairs... IMO, you shouldn't have used that base, it didn't even have max defense. A normal 3OS Archon Plate would have 3x the dura of the dusk shroud, probably more defense, would still fit in your stat allocation, and is still light armor.

Also, you can use spare Ral runes (they drop fairly often) to repair armor w/the cube, saving a LOT of gold (this works even better with high dura bases like Archon Plate, as the cost is the same! Add a flawed gem to recharge armor with charges at the same time)



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Woof Woof!

Ingenious solution to PI's, altogether a well made character, nice presentation, I like it all!
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