Fellow Veterans...


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Fellow Veterans...

im baaaaaaack!!
been gone for almost a year.. hell its been more.
stopped this game becoz i got hax0red i heard theres a new patch and decided that, hey, ill give it another shot. i mainly quit becoz game was getting really *** (omfg did u check out the cahrms they had) and pala community just wasnt quite the same.
so now im back (took me a damn while too wtf cant use hotmail omfg!) and lookin for action. gimme itam pls!?

HEEN? MIKE? GH_MARAXUS? I see riddles still around... lol~


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this isnt spam or anything but... omg am i the only standing old schooler 0_o left??
Vendanna? back in the day of clan GH?? Shadow?? Clan FL?
can any of u youngens help me out here.. i think im going insane...
nope ur not alone

GH_Aldez is still around. aka allyguy

he is on my f list.

lol.. but that is the only GH person i've seen in a long time.

As for FL never seen one this patch..

MxR is gone,

DbD is gone.

AoD is gone

im the last GoDs member left using the name lol.

There is probably more people i forgot to mention but thats the main ones from .09.


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Hi there

FL's leader (John), is still around, playing a Ladder sorc I think. I think tk (neverdie, neverx, whatever his name was) plays with him. As for GH people, Aaron (gh_maraxus), quit d2 and joined the army (Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened to him.), Dan (gh_infernal?) plays sc I think, Mike (unbroken/goldenchild?) also quit, and I now possess his accounts.

I can only hope that was even slightly helpful. :)


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Yeah unfortunately the patched killed alot of veterans. The paladin community hasnt recovered from the patch from what ive seen. Ow and i believe mxr is aliveish, i saw afew of them yesterday. Btw does anyone know if mario aka atma_mxr or something around the lines of atma still plays.

Dont know about GH but AoD was kinda falling apart before 1.10.


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im the only one left? wtf?
that sucks.. makes me wanna quit again. but fuk it.
i wanted to come back and jump start the "clan game winner gets prize" community back in the day.
yes goldenchild was my best bud, cant believe he quit..
so where is the paladin community now... east west non ladder ladder??? guess ill have to join u youngens if u let me in.. ^_^

im all alone............


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Just a little history lesson here, clan GH is very pre, pre, all those Zealot clans like AoD, MxR, etc. (Well, maybe not "very", not totally sure, but I don't like mentioning GH with the "others". They were better, earlier on, what's more, they weren't Zealots! ;) )

Stiff, if you like, I can pm you Mike's aim sn. (If you don't already have it :bonk: )

Edit: Also, from what I've seen today, logging onto one of Mike's accounts, Dan still plays d2, ladder I'm sure, but he plays with another old school pally, maybe you remember Orko? So, you aren't totally alone, we can only hope. :)
AoD fell apart many weeks before 1.10 [I was reqruited when it died lmao]
And MxR and DBD seem to just have die off


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Many of the veterans and old clans went down the drain with the patch and that's sad. It's funny, I think that this patch has brought more popularity to paladin then ever before but the ambiance on this forum has change a lot since the old days and not necessairly for the better I must add.

I don't want to be pessimestic or anything but I find that in days of yore, there was a lot more pallys hardcore fan than there is today. Before the 1.10 patch, paladin was an under played class because considered weak and I think it was giving it a special appeal to a certain number of people who liked the challenges of playing such a character. It was even truer in eariler patches. I think that the same could be said about necro and those are the 2 classes that recieved the most potent upgrade in the latest patch. I have a feeling that the community was knited closer then, maybe a bit to close for the taste of some that were annoyed by the " intimacy " that certain member had among themselves.

OH boy am I getting nostalgic or what ? :scratch:

Ok now I shut my clap........
from what i know the surviving members of gh is Aldez aka Allyguy

he is on my filst.

we all still play non ladder.

actually if u interested we started West Temple games again. Chris and i did like last month.

but we dont' get very many new pala who show up.

Aod was gone before patch.

MxR ???? haven't seen any. people like swifty i think got banned or quit.

DbD broke up. Now are under different names

FL ???? no idea

HoD is almsot non existant but Chris still aka Mr.Obvious_HoD is still around

HkW??? never ever seen one before.

GoDs, Chris joined gods for now. Gods was a decent small clan of friends in .09 zealot craze. Only had like 8 members including me. I still use the name. now chris does. ONly like 2 original members play. But not pala.

lets see who did i forget.


thats about all i know of the people who are left. patch divided pala up now. Essentally killing the zealot, But chris and i are trying to change that with our new idea for a pvp zealot. Still in testing.


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LovelyGods said:
There is probably more people i forgot to mention but thats the main ones from .09.
I suppose you didn't count me since I'm from 08. :p I still hold the record of the crappiest build (statwise) of v/t still in temple. Was me first pal, and back then I couldn't even dream of getting a shako. :p Anyway, as for remaining USWest vets, the ones that I know of (be aware, that I know of) are Lovely over here, Chris, Marcus, Manuel, Food, myself, GH Ben (yes he's still here, and still pretty good), and some other guy whose name I don't quite remember.


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Guys guys... im thinking the day of the vindicator here! What the hell are zealot clans??!? We were to soul inventors and players of em. Hell, i could say i introduced Vigor/Charge into Smite/Fana combo!
Im thinking the days where the paladin forum was ALL ABOUT vindicators and poor Vendanna had to keep out flame/off topic ******** from going overboard, man those were the days!

I just managed to find my dusty d2 cd and installed. I made an account on WEST NON-LADDER. Leave your accounts on my post? Especially lLovelyGods, we keep in touch bout that West dueling.
And Wurmer.... that name rings a bell...........

Ancient One

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LovelyGods said:
DbD is gone.

DbD DANG havent heard of them since gods know when I didn't think they crossed over to d2. Assuming your taliking about the clan dbd tho we of EC did make it for a while


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Stiff, a bit of an update for you, something that seems to have just happened today.

It seems there's been a merger of clan GH (Which had all but died out), and a "clan", that Orko, Goldenchild, and to a lesser extent myself founded, called "XII" or The Twelth Shield. I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but any sign of a resurgence of knowledgeable pallys could only be a good thing. The channel name for this new group is Op 12Hellions.


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Module88: who are you?

Stiff: what is riddles' account name? i'm guessing its not me even though I am riddles and pre .09 as well o_O


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Hal, its u bro, with the account riddles_of_pk? remember me and mike used to practice on your hammerdin, you beat us silly man hahahaha!
I dont really give a rats *** what guild goes on man but mrJ, can u inform Mike that Jake/Stiff is backk?!?1?1??!?!?!?!???!?!??!

I need some account names so i can msg someone on basis of the game like currency and items u can trade for. Anyone wanna help me out here?