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Hi there ! I'm RadTang and I am new to Diablo 3. Started the game last night and enjoyed it as everything was fresh new. Had to make a very difficult decision - which class I should play ! I don't care about Quin69 build and so on so I took WD as I think he's fun. I am at the Cathedral, probably close to Skeleton King encounter. I was surprised by the story. Wow, Cain has someone. Not wife though.

I think that the characters are really different and not anonymous like in previous games. In D2, they only shout some one-liners from time to time (mostly in A1 :p). My WD constantly talks about spirits.

Got the enchantress. She looks like a gypsy. Nice character model. ;> I toyed around with transmogs. Transmogrified Leoric's Crown into some weird mask. Lol, it reminds me this:

BTW, Courage is scared with the 1st defensive skill I have. ;)

My build is based around maxing INT and Grasp of the Dead (cool skill, with 1st rune) and poison darts (with rune, I have now a poison machinegun, pow pow pow !).

That's all for now. ;) Feels so good. And I want more. Though I am playing at normal difficulty level and easily levelling through the beginning of Act 1.

D3 feels sometimes like Word of Diablo. But with single player option. And set in the Sanctuary, not in Azeroth.


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Welcome to diablo 3 man. Glad your having fun and enjoying the game.

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If you ever have any questions or need some advice feel free to ask (here or ingame). If you are having this much fun already, you are in for a treat :)


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Thanks ! I stopped updating the thread as no one was replying. Finished campaign mode in the weekend. A4 and A5 were done on T1. I feel like A5 was much easier than A4. Even fight with Malthael.


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So you are aware of the do you feel where blizzard took it?to me the story is my biggest complaint of all time tbh.

I expected so much more

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