Fear me = NOT


Clan Officer - US East Hardcore
Fear me = NOT

Level 82 - check..
Dracs graps on - check..
Ravenfrost traded for - check..
BO barb in game - check...

I am Invincible now !!!! I made off with the Zsmiter to get some levels in anticipation of finally taking my first steps into Uber Land this ladder season.

Stomped the WSK , wrecked Baals minions, and then the Lord of Destruction himself.. Feeling good I head to the Chaos Sanctuary and figured, why not - no more IM so Im safe..

Cleared the Grand Vizer of Chaos seal - check..
Head over to smack Lord De Seis in the head and WTF DEEDS !!!!
LOOTed but = start over in act 1 again....

I can only assume my BO had run out on me and I got nailed with a Crit. I didnt have the best of charms/stats set up in place so Im not too mad. It was painless and I will now begin again. Dont we love HC to do this over and over and over, year after year after year. Im just glad I got smacked down before wasting my time trying to get the Ubers..



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Re: Fear me = NOT

No worries dude, you'll be back up and smitin' heads in no time! De Seis is an arse; him and his minions whacked my Barb whilst cursed by him, couple o hits n down...and that was with BO!