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Noob question. What menas FCR??? I have seen it sorceress forums. What is link between sorceress and FCR? 105FCR whats that?


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FCR = Faster Cast Rate.

This is found in various items, and it allows you to reduce the amount of time it takes to cast a spell. Each character has different breakpoints for FCR (the point at which casting speeds up)

For example, if you have a hammerdin you need to aim for about 75% if you have a sorc you want about 105%+

But note there are timered spells, which means there is defined delay between finishing casting it and being able to cast it again.

I hope this helps (and that I've got the info correct)


Ian L.


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Wow, those stickies about acronyms and d2 terms are really getting used... *sigh*

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