FCR for lightning


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FCR for lightning

the table says the fcr break is at 105. But Ive read about 105-115 beeing buggy so I was gonna go for 115 (Hoto+Griffon+Arachnid+Viper). Then I read Lightning has different breaks and that it is 117 instead in which case Id have to change amu from Maras to a caster one. Which one is it? 105, 115 or 117?


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Taken from Soepgroentes Lightning guide, FCR for lightning posted by Mule:

The ones I read for lightning are as follows:
FCR - frames
0 - 19
7 - 18
15 - 17
23 - 16
37 - 15
52 - 14
78 - 13
117 - 12

At least 13 would be recommended i guess. Gettin g117+ is not that hard.

Occy, Viper, Lidless, Arachnid, Magefist would be an option.
Or Wizzy instead of Occy. and some +skills from SOJ or Maras.


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Yeah 117 is manageable. Just wanted to make sure. I wonder why its a different table with lightning then the other skills...


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BTW this aplys to CL too I assume? In that case I'll have to switch my eq a bit for my CL/Orb sorc that went with occu, magefist and tals for 70 FCR thinking that was perfect :rant: :scratch: Guess one of my 36 mf rings will have to go for a crappy fcr ring of some sort :(


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Yea both CL & L. You don't need to cast'm that fast, though it's nice, i've tested both. You run out of mana very quickly though :(


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For real??? I knew it! I knew I felt a difference at 80% And people called me crazy... :(