FCR and Experience..


FCR and Experience..

More question to bother everyone, sorry :embarassed:

1. Let's say i got a ring with 10% FCR, then another ring with 10% FCR. If i wear them both, the total % FCR of my character is 10 or 20?

2. Another thing. First weapon switch is Trang-Ouls, second one is Ondal's Wisdom. My minion cleave Baal till less than 5%, then, quickly, i switch from 1 to 2, the Ondal's Wisdom. Will the 5% Experience gained will add on to the experience i get from Baal?

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1. 20% (breakpoints are 9, 18, 30, 48, 75 & 125)

2. I would assume so (even though it might make youknowwhat).


1. 20%, the FCR bonuses are additive. That's how you can reach the higher breakpoints.

2. I'm 99% sure it will.

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