FC/Rabbies druid problem


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FC/Rabbies druid problem

Does the old trick of using Poison Creeper charges from Carrion ring as a synergy for your Rabbies skill still work in 1.11? I have equiped Carrion ring on my wolfy-druid, activatd the charge and haven't seen any boost in my Rabbies damage. Does this item-synergy boost show in dmg displayed in char sheet? Does it work at all? Because I have not seen any notable improvmenet in my Rabbies while killing things around?:undecided:

I have not put a single point in my PC skill, and, according to all reliable builds listed in this forum, the trick with using PC from Carrion ring should work to add 21 lvl synergy for Rabbies. Plz don't tell me that I realy have to pump my PC skill in order for Rabbies to get synergy bonus. :banghead: