FB sorc gear: Criteque me


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FB sorc gear: Criteque me

Ok im making good ol fb sorc with some left over runes/gear. It looks as follows:

Helm: Um'ed Shako
Armor: um'ed fb ormus(15%)
Wep: Fire Faucet Escutch (21%)
Shield: um'ed Lidless
Belt: Spider
Gloves: Magefist
Boots: Not sure, silkeweave or sumthin
Rings: 1 soj + 1 caster ring
Ammy: Maras
And cta of course

I figure with this build ill get some decent dmg (Im going to use 0 str and put all into life, i shouldnt worry about blocking melee with this fcr and ranged build)

And ill have 120-130% fcr and a lil over 2k life at lvl 84 or so?

Resists will be mid with anya quests but thats fine by me

So tell me what u think!

BTW: (Imps and Circlets outta the questions ;) Spent to much on other chars)


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dont depend so much on your speed and power. i learned that defence is more valuable than ultra dmg. u got to think about lags, nasty monsters etc. imho lidless isnt good idea.


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uming a shield is a bad idea. you gain very little over a p diamond and it costs so much more. but if its already made...

and the fcr. the breakpoints of concern are 63, 105, 200. you aren't guna hit 200, so dropping down to 105 wouldn't hurt you. you can trade out some fcr gear for some other mods. ie: a SS in place of that lidless.


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Spirit Monarch > Lidless. Whoop dee doo 156 req str, you can deal with it, the benefits are huge.

And like he said only use enough FCR to hit your breakpoint.


Oddity- Since he mentioned Imps, I believe this is NL, where there is no such thing as spirit monarch.

mathil- SS gives very few benefits for 146 points invested into strength (he said he's going base strength).

Evgreen- Defense is important, but unfortunately in pvp the only viable sort of defense a sorc can get is ES, the other defenses sacrifice too much power/speed.

Kemist- Ok so like others said, you've got around 130% fcr, so you can still take off 20% and make that 105% fcr breakpoint (very important for pvp chars). There are a couple of things you could do:
1) Drop the Caster ring and get another soj (more damage + mana)
2) Drop the Lidless and use a 3 socket Head Hunter's Glory with 3x Fire Facet or 3x Um <- ridiculous resists, will help GREATLY with foher/other sorc matchup (more damage + resists, even without socketing with um shield gives resists)
If you use the 3x um HHG you will have more than max resists.
Build looks good, although 15% res all jewel's might be cheaper in the helm and armor instead of Um (same effect)


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thank you dth. I never thought about headhunters glory, and i think ill give it 3 ums because its the only way ill get max resist, which will be nice with high life. SS is also a huge huge waste on a sorc in my opinion and any decent dueler with this gear shouldnt be touched much by melee before killing anyway.

I may also drop a caster ring for an soj. That will put me at 100% so i may keep the caster ring, UNLESS hhg gives fcr?

Thnx for all ur input!