Fawhar here, got any snuff for meh?


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Hello! Mom! And you all hard-headed heavy metal... ah, Diablo II, I mean... fans like me!

I am Andre, I am an Astrologist (I had quit school when I was sixteen...) Nobody likes me and I don't like nobody, even my wife. Yet I know I like quality things! And Diablo II is one of the really few things in the VRW that for me holds quality! Good Job Blizzard North!

I guess I just want to say Hello and share what I've been up to the last months!

While I've been arguing with my wife and hating my life...
I went back in 1.07

Anyone else thinking that 1.07 is the best LoD version ever!?
And something more, now I'm gonna be nasty: Sometimes I become bored and start craft items.
Small imp in his forge. Trnk-Crinktz-Bring. ^^

I created more than hundred balance-oriented items for the last months, just to keep myself in the fun mood, but as I love quality and not quantity I kept no more than a handful of them as really good hits. Actually only 3! And even today when I want to start a new character on 1.07 I do like this. I sneak into the forge and grab one of these three "kinda balanced, but not exactly" items, drag it with a rope tied for my small imp tail and enjoy it until middle-nightmare, where something better drops.

If you are small imps like me, I could even link deletedthese three Items with you. But don't tell your mothers they are stolen and crafted silently, with ill and sly manners in some sneaky Imp's forge. Mine does not like to hear this, I bet yours also.

You got any snuff for meh?

P.S. Items are in the characters, so players who use no H-Editor might use it.
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Greetings! Use of a hero editor or duped items is not allowed here, so I've deleted the link. Please enjoy your stay, and keep in mind we are a community of legitimate players.

And, yes, 1.07 is a lot of fun!