Favourite builds when the sky's the limit


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Favourite builds when the sky's the limit

What are the funniest builds to play? What kind of builds would you try, if you had the access for all items?

Just to name a few:

- zeal/hammerdin hybrid (conc as aura)
- poison/summon nec hybrid
- trap/kicksin hybrid (beast/trap claws)
- fury druid (pvp, eth tomb reaver /w 3 socks, thanks)
- dual mastery ww barb (grief, botd gp, fortitude...)
- multizon with faith + fortitude
- enchant sork /w bow + high lvl static field


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if the sky was the limit then i reckon a java zon takes the cake
jewelers archon plate of stability with 4 5/5 die facets
Jewellers monarch of deflecting with 4 5/5 die facets....find one of these and you are RICH!!


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Ice Matriarchal bow w/ +3 bow tab - 20%
Andy's Visage w/ IAS/Res - 35%
4 sock armour with 60% IAS/60% res - 60%
Cat's Eye - 20%
Rare gloves with 10% IAS/+3 bow tab
Razor Tail
Fastest/Fastest tri res boots
2x mana leech rings
Merc with:
Eth gladiator's bane
Guillame's Face
10x Bow skillers of vita
1x Anni
9x Shimmering of vita and/or balance depending on where exactly the FHR bps are for zons

I'd probably then go strafe as the second skill.

Stupid blizzard requiring a Jah for ice. As though bowzons are uber-common. Especially the FA ones.


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I'd really like to try a Bearsin..word is over at the assasin forum that they can attack insanely fast, like 3 frames, that sounds way cool...in fact all the new shifter classes that utilize Beast sound very cool.


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I had a beast enchanter sorc over on west sc and man did she just wreck all her melee opponents whether it be botd barbs or botd pally's. Anything at close range died in the snap of a finger.


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sahlakh said:
- enchant sork /w bow + high lvl static field
I'd say an even better alternative would be a dual dream sorc with a 6os phase blade with JahShaelShael(3x perf lit facet.. you may not need the second shael, but you probably don't need an eth because of ITD and the AR bonus from enchant to let you hit bosses) with the following skills:
20 warmth (synergy)
20 enchant
20 lightning mastery
xx energy shield (prebuff to lvl 40 with lots of +skills, especially that one runeword in a +3 energy shield staff)
20 telekinesis
6 pre-reqs

If you can't get an insane amount of +skills to prebuff, you will need 106 total skills for this build. You should be able to get away with less.

Add on an act2 merc with blessed aim (will let you hit bosses almost indefinitely when used with enchant/gear) with conviction and I'm sure you'd laugh at just about anything (even fire/lit immunes, except for maybe the rare monster with naturally high fire/lit res, one immunity + fire/lit enchanted) or in large numbers.


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i was actually just building a rabies druid. He wasnt nearly finished woulda gone bramble if i had it, was using grief and only had 3 of his 10 charms and was pulling 20k. no facets. with the addition of facets and bramble easy 50k....was very tasty, but unfortunately caught a 5k ping spike while lvling in CS boooooo there goes grief and perf dungos :)