Favorite song to play


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I only know how to play two songs... Smoke on the water by Deep Purple and Rollercoaster by 13th floor elevators. I really like Rollercoaster so that´s my pick.

On guitar of course.


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For some reason I really liked playing "Final Countdown" on the mellophone. Haven't done it since high school marching band though. Yeah, that's right, mellophone and marching band. But I figured this would be an all-guitar thread and it could use some spicing up.


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The adagio from Konzert für Oboe und Violine c-moll. That's what the sheet music is titled, anyway, crazy german people. It's not necessarily the greatest song ever, maybe runner-up, but it was the most fun to play because I did so accompanied by a friend I don't get to see too often who is kickass on the Oboe.

That's on the violin. My favorite thing to play on the guitar is nothing, because I recently tried growing my picking nails longer on one side (so you can make different sounds from nail and flesh ... ) but only wound up ripping one of them off on a piece of scrap metal at work because of it, which isn't pleasant, stupid guitar. I need to engage my brain more often.


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Centerfold by J. Giles Band on the trumpet

gogo High School Band (though my hs band sucks since I graduated, what can I say? lol)
AFI-Third Season, I don't have a tab to it cause I got it from guiatrpro(its a program) so I'll just tab it out here since I'm such a nice guy.

A-55555       77777       444444        
E-         444          222             444   7777777
you gotta listen to the song to get the rythm cause if you just play it like that it might sound yucky.

well there's another afi song I LOVE to play so I'm gonna post that too
god called in sick today
my freshman year marching band show

Children of Sanchez
Land of Make Believe
Chase the Clouds Away
Legend of the One-eyed sailor

woot high school band :clap:


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This Day forward - Writing in Cursive

Atreyu - Tulips are better

Alexisonfire - No One Knows My Name
masterazn said:
can guitar pro make tabs out of mp3 files?!

no, you download the software and then go onto their site and you download midi files of the songs and it plays them.

I have only found a couple of bass lines that are acually correct but it might be better for guitar


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On drums.
Favorite song to play is Toxicity by System of a Down.

Other good ones:
Blink 182 - Give Me One Good Reason
Blink 182 - Shut Up
The Offspring - Denial, Revisited
System of a Down - Aerials
Weezer - Only In Dreams


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masterazn said:
can guitar pro make tabs out of mp3 files?!
what i find usually works is going on google and typing:
"some song" filetype:mid
or jus some song.mid, then you can go into gp3 and import the mid as loads of tabbed tracks which makes it teh pwn

fave song i can play on guitar is black dog by led zep