Favorite sesame street character?


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Favorite sesame street character?

Who was your favorite sesame street character back when you were little enough to watch it? Mine would probably be a tie between the yellow guy with the thin face and the singing girls in the background and the meep-meep aliens that always called sesame street on the phone and did the "yup yup yup yup yup yup" song.
Anyone remember their names?


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The Count is my favorite. Or Oscar the Grouch. :) I vaguely remember going to "Sesame Street On Ice" when I was very young. I miss being that young..



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Can you tell me how to get...

I always sympathized with Oscar and Bert (both had to put up with jerks). However, my favorite was Kermit the Frog when he was doing his roving reporter routines.

Modern Sesame Street is nothing more than the Elmo show (the most annoying piece of fuzz ever spawned).


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My older sister's favorite was Grover. I liked Fozzie and Animal, but were they on Sesame Street, or were they just Muppets?


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I like Snuffeluppagus. He was sly and was never seen. Not bad for a big guy.


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Isolde212 said:
Oscar the Grouch kicks butt! The Count must die ah ah ah.
I named my dog after Oscar the Grouch. I want to get a doormat with Oscar the Grouch on it that says "Scram!".

I find it funny how Telly has got to have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Does anyone remember when Mr. Hooper died? That was sad..


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During my younger years it was Bigbird, but when I matured I have grown a liking for Elmo.

I must be a perv or something. :eek: