Favorite rpg songs/music?


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Favorite rpg songs/music?

What's your favorite rpg song/music?

I like chrono trigger music and suikoden 1 and 2's intro music, they rock. Suikoden 3's music mostly stunk.

Lunar silver star story also has good music.
RPG music. . .hmmm I usually listen to my own music, usually something fast to keep me awake.

Game music in general: Tetris, Mario Brothers, Megaman X, Friday the 13


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Oooh, do I get to bring one of the classic RPG questions into the thread?

I love the music from all the Zelda games.

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I found the chrono trigger soundtrack for cheap yesterday and bought it

it's good stuff, but my favorites are probably in Dragon Warrior VII and Shining Force II


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I've never purchased an actual video game soundtrack - most of time, while the music can certainly be good, it's repetitive enough that it gets on my nerves and I turn it off in favor of my own cds.

My sister, on the other hand, is a freak for that sort of stuff. I swear she owns every Final Fantasy (or just general Squaresoft related) soundtrack ever made.

A few games with "agreeable" music might include:

*Planescape: Torment - although I think it's the ambient sounds, not the music, that I truly enjoy.

*Diablo - The original had a great, atmospheric soundtrack.

*Final Fantasy VIII - but I loved every aspect of that game, so I'm not very objective I'm afraid.

*Civilization III - has surprisingly delightful music. Unfortunately, there aren't many tracks so I ended up plugging in my own mp3s. :p


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I love Music By the Black mages, they now have two albums out. they have taken music from final fantasy(pretty much all of them) and rewrote/remixed some of it. one of my favorites is "J-E-N-O-V-A" from FF7(they lengthened it by adding an awseome orchestral section to the middle) and "those who fight further" the boss music form ff7.

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Lets see....

Final Fantasy VII-IX
*crowbar swings*
*Crowbar strike twice*
Neverwinter Nights
Baldors Gate2
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
a few others.

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- Zelda:OoT Gerudo Valley Theme
- Final Fantasy 4: Overworld theme
- Xenogears: Melkaba (Merkava could be another spelling)

Those are three. I guess. Decent.

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I must be really out of it today, I forgot my obligatory reference to Disgaea, cool soundtrack featuring Tsunami Bomb


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The soundtrack to Chrono Cross is absolutely amazing. Star Ocean: Second Story is no slouch either.

Also the One-Winged Angel theme from FFVII, Gaia's theme from Grandia, Final Aeon Jecht's theme from FFX, and pretty much all of Zelda: OoT's soundtrack.


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Final Aeon Jecht music was pretty awesome.
I found FF8 to be pretty crappy with the exception of it's music.
FF 5,6,7,8,9 all had great music imo.


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Final Fantasy 4, Chronotrigger, and Xenogears are the best, but there are other good ones, too.

Final Fantasy 4: Overworld theme, Zeromus battle theme, Giant of Bab-Il theme, introduction theme (also lunar subterranean theme), Toroia, uh... lots of others

Chronotrigger: 600 AD overworld theme, Guardia forest theme, underwater palace theme, there are more but I can't remember

Xenogears: Overworld theme, and lots of other songs that aren't really linked to any one place in the game

Final Fantasy 7: Overworld theme, Jenova fight theme, boss theme, train graveyard theme, quite a few others.

Also good stuff from: Final Fantasy 6, FF1, Megaman 2, F-Zero, and Gradius 3.


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The only RPG song I can remember at all is the FFVII start-up music.

Edit- aka "you just beat Culex" music :D
I'm I the only person in the world who still remembers FF1-3? I think FF3 had some great music, especially considering when it was released and the platform it was released on. I seem to recall a CD at some point coming out with orchestrated versions of songs from the FF soundtracks...anyone know about this?

And damn you, Jonesy. I'm going to have the original Legend of Zelda song stuck in my head all day now.