Favorite Places in the World (on Google Satellite thingy)

Favorite Places in the World (on Google Satellite thingy)

Where are your favorite places in the world? I was playing with the Google satellite thing, and found the place in the world I love the most.

It's a few hours into the mountains out of Bariloche, which is snuggled up against the mountains in the Argentine Patagonia region. It's a ski resort by winter, but in the summer months I pass through there to get to my favorite place on Earth (when I can).

Here's the satellite image of it: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=bariloche,+argentina&ll=-41.261902,-71.637039&spn=0.162735,0.253372&t=k&hl=en

If you zoom all the way on, in that western arm of the "V" shaped lake (Lago Mascardi), you'll see a tiny white dot almost directly south of the mouth of that river that empties into the lake (Rio Manso). The tiny white dot is a small set of cabins, technically a hotel, where I've been going with my family since we first moved to Argentina in 1990. We go out on that lake to fish, as well as a few of the other surrounding lakes (some of which are only accessible on foot or horseback), and the trout fishing out there is spectacular. More to the point, however, the feeling of utter isolation is amazing and unbeatable. To give you an idea of how remote that place is, they just got telephones put in this year (but will remove them from your room upon request, as the whole reason we go there is to get away from that nonsense). There are no TVs, and the nearest city is a 3 hour drive on a narrow, winding, unpaved mountain road away.

The place is utterly and totally silent except for the sound of the birds and wind, and it's impossible not to find peace while out there. At night it gets so dark that on a clear night you can see the Milky Way's band across the sky, and it seems like there are more stars than there is sky.

At any rate, for a sense of how far it is from the nearest city, Bariloche, scroll East (right) and North (up). You'll see it on the shore of a much larger lake. If you scroll just a tad bit West from the original location, you can see the second highest mountain in South America, Cerro Tronador.

Oh, and another reason I'm partial to that place--I proposed to Aeval on the shore of that lake.

So what cool places have you been to that you can find on this thing? Use the http://maps.google.com/ link and click "satellite" before searching.

Suicidal Zebra

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Wow, nice link DC. First overhead imagery site that i've seen with decent res images of where I live.

I've got no interesting places to share, but you can be damn sure that i'll be clicking interesting links in this thread. I need to think of somewhere to go on holiday this autumn :D
Amra said:
I tried to find my home but I am too far out in the sticks. Nerts.
Strange. I figured if I could find a remote mountain lodge near the Chilean-Argentine border you could find your place! I found mine!


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Google is known for their creative stuff and this satellite thing just adds to it.

I also found my home. :D


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DrunkCajun said:
Strange. I figured if I could find a remote mountain lodge near the Chilean-Argentine border you could find your place! I found mine!
Ah, well, someone just pointed out to me that since maybe I live near a government - formally secret - facility, nearby images may be locked out. They are very anal about security these days.


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This blows... all my favorite places are not available... The terrain on the satellite image is cartoon-y. Guess I live too far north for that! The only place in Alaska that even comes up on that satellite map is Anchorage, and becuase of the latitude, it looks "tilted". Oh well.


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AeroJonesy said:
I don't know if the government can stop private satellites from taking pictures of Earth.
You might be surprised about certain aspects of it.
Matt said:
doesnt get too close to my house... I can see the high school, which is a half mile from my house, but cant exactly pick out my house...
Hey matt, that links back to my link--you have to click the "link this" button to link what you're looking at.

Creepy--there's my house. Not my car out front though, looks like the shot was taken before I lived here. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=sandra+marie+circle,+franconia+virginia&spn=0.007522,0.007451&t=k&hl=en


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How about Cairo? Is that a pyramid? What heck is this ugly looking thing? I tried to find the great wall but I can't find it. :confused: The didn't take a close shot of my college town either.


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Well I was really bored and I found both my house and then spent about 30 minutes driving along the roads to my school, my mom and my dad's job and then off to work for myself. It was fun. God I am sad...


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So, found any rooftop sun-bathers?

The level of detail's quite creepy. I bet Google's gonna implement a "Click here to fire Zeus Cannon at target location" button when it goes out of beta.


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I couldn't find my house and I couldn't find the greatest spot on this planet, an island of the coast of Malaysia....

Too bad; but still, it's a great gadget! :thumbsup:



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Cogito ergo non

Hmm...there doesn't appear to be any satellite footage of my home. Maybe I don't exist? I'll have to play with this some more to find a really nice spot.


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This is where i usually live, sleep, study and post weird crap from. The two bright thingies are three nuclear power plants, and I live on the campusish thingie southeast of them. The school is situated about 3-4km south-southwest of the campus.