Favorite Love Songs


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"Torn Between Two Lovers" by Mary MacGregor
"Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles
"Don't Speak" by No Doubt

Or do you like these people?


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Angel Eyes - Jeff Healey Band (a real solid old Canadian hit from this very talented musician, as he's blind).

I would never give back the love - Philosopher Kings

A little offbeat but here's a pretty catchy rap tune I like it's called Girl by Paul Wall. I recommend that too. Has a soundbite that's been sped up by 'Oh Girl - Chi-Lites' in it which is in itself a good tune.

That's enough for now.


Our first dance at our wedding was Garbage Drive You Home. We absolutely loved this song because it totally suited our relationship. It's also a nice song.


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When in Rome - The Promise
Meat Beat Manifesto - Love Mad
Bonny Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Kate Bush - Love and Anger
Paul Carreck - Don't Shed a Tear
Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adorde
Jody Watley - Most of All.

I will prolly think of some more..those were off the top of my head.
Pixies - Gigantic
White Stripes - We Are Going To Be Friends
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Weezer - Buddy Holly
The Vandals - I Have A Date
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Cake - Love You Madly

Meh, best I could do right now.

Sokar Rostau

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You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) - Meatloaf
Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
Endless Love - Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
Tonight I Celebrate My Love - Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack
Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon
The Power of Love - Jennifer Rush (NOT the Celine Dion travesty)
The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
Eternal Flame - The Bangles

And a few already mentioned like Total Eclipse of the Heart and Don't Speak. All good wedding songs.


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Love Is - John Lennon
Fields of Green-Sting
They Love Each Other- Greatful Dead

And if one is feeling a bit out of it.


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{KOW}Spazed said:
Pixies - Gigantic
That's more of a sex song than a love song if you ask me.

Sokar Rastu said:
The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
Don't forget "I Can't Let Go".

You got me going I need you, baby
I can't let go, and I want you, baby
I gotta have you, you know, I can't let go
And so on.

And if you like the Hollies you should check out "How You Satisfy Me" by Spectrum. It's sort of a cover of "I Can't Let Go" and one of the greatest songs ever written.