Favorite Character and Class?


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Favorite Character and Class?

Ummm, my brain wasn't in the "on" position when I made the title for the thread. Should be Favorite Class and Skill... doh!
What is your favorite character class and why? And what is your favorite skill in the game and why?


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Necromancer - Corpse Explosion, Confuse, Attract, Terror

In the hands of a skilled player, The AI curses are powerful tools -- very underrated in my opinion and very fun to use. On the mass damage side of things, there's nothing quite like watching a truckload of monsters swarm around your fire golem as if it were a magnet -- then watch them promptly turn into a steaming pile o' guts a few seconds (and a few CEs) later. :)

Werewolf Druid - Feral Rage + Fury, Dire Wolf

The nastiness of Fury combined with a fully charged Feral Rage speaks for itself. Bye, bye DClone! ;) Dire Wolf is another underrated skill. Even with just a smattering of synergies, these little puppies make great distractions/meat shields even in hell -- to some extent they are excellent mini-tanks in their own right. Grizzlys are all the rage these days, but they are slow and are terrible against large packs. And in my opinion, three meat shields are always better than one.


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* Paladin: Redemption - I mean how awesome is it to refill both bulbs almost at once.
* Druid: Tornado - This one is just too cool.
* Assassin: Weapon Block - It sounds stupid until you find out WHAT it all blocks.


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Necromancer - poison nova
I just love it. You run up side by side with this monster pack, give them the finger, release the deadly load, run away and laugh at them while they, in rage, die when chasing you. As it doesn't give instant death you have the time to change to the other slot (the one with Ali baba and Rhyme!) before they die.

Necromancer - bone prison
Ask Duriel and Mephisto in hell... A bone prisoned Duriel can't use his beloved charge. And without his beloved charge he is nothing. "Die maggot!", as Andariel should have put it. A bone prisoned Mephisto can't do much more than Duriel. He can't hit you and many of his other attacks don't reach outside the cage. Very, very useful skill if used right (filling Throne of destruction so other party members can't attack is not a proper use...). Barbs can whirl through it though, and this was very helpful when my poison guy and a friend's whirl guy travelled along through the game.


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strangely enough i dont have a clear "favourite" but some of my favourite skills are

Pally-blessed hammer. 8k magic dmg with modest gear. combine this with prevent monster heal on the switch applied with smite and dclone goes down in <1minute
-redemption. why dont they just call this "full rejuvination"

Druid-FURY! fury wolves are great fun. they just mow through stuff, put on draculs and your practically immune to death. except of course from iron maiden, what serial killer came up with that curse?
Grizzy- I just like to type in "GO GENTLE BEN! KILL!"

Necro- corpse explosion. call me a sick twisted SOB but i cackle with delight while using this skill. play "lets the bodies hit the floor" for added effect.
Dim vision,decrepify,clay golem-these babys can shut down packs like nothing else!
bone wall/prison-'i dont like you using that charge attack, heres a wall to screw with for a while, oh yeah and dodge the bonespears!"

barbs-frenzy. GO FASTA!!!!!!


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just a great skill i love it! stronger than whirlwind and only costs 4 mana!
lvl 20=
+183% attack rating
+423% damage
with 5 hits

plus if you charge up feral rage its even stronger! with a life leech!!
thats what i like to call sweet :D