Favorite Act?

back again, how to have fun?

  • play classic

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • play 1.07

    Votes: 5 11.6%
  • play 1.12/1.13 with a refreshing build

    Votes: 21 48.8%
  • play online

    Votes: 4 9.3%
  • something else

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Favorite Act?

Hey guys, what is your favorite act and why? and i'm not talking about the quickest to rush or get rushed, but actually plating through.

For me it is act 5 by far. Theres nothing like battling hundreds of evil monsters on the slopes of a mountain.

Lord Nyax

Just to be cool, I'll say act 3. Now we just need someone with A2 and A1 and we'll have a complete set. Nonetheless, the whole "jungle" thing of A3 just strikes a chord with me. First place you find Willowisps (Souls, for those of you ignorant folk) too. The dolls. All that good stuff. Not to mention that it is probably the least played act, so I feel special for liking it. Plus, it has all the cool +stat and life quests. None of the OTHER acts can say that, so HA.

EDIT: Evrae, you nub, you forgot to vote!


I kinda like a1. it has the most complete feel to it - from walking out the encampment gates to ending up at the bottom of some cathedral. a5 has the same sort of thing going for it, but i dont like the death lords :p

ohOh. If i had to pick a single map, it'd be the arcane sanctuary. But i cant stand the rest of a2.


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Act 3 for me ...from the time you walk out the gate and find the wanderer to when you finally confront Meph it has a kinda magic about it ...well at least the first time round anyway.


Since I play mostly as a frenzy barbarian, I have to vote for my home in Act 5. Over the bloody foothills, across the frozen tundra and through the glacial trail to the arreat summit, Act 5 offers the most in the way of challenges, monsters, bosses and experience.

The graphics are nice too: try the view from the edge of the summit.


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I'm going to be the gay one that votes for all of them. Act I is the perfect intro from DI with satanic-religous roots. Act II is a classic horror mummy film, act III, I dunno is kinda obvious (if you've actually played it) act IV is THE challenge with THE stereotypical hell demons and locations, and act V is ... cold.... and ... hard... and a cool story.


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What? No votes for act2? :laughing:

That will sound cheesy but i prefer act 4...first quest is quite easy and reward two skill points, second get you a rune sprinkled with gems, and a grand finale tops that...

whats not to like? :thumbsup:


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I prefer A1 and A5, hard to choose between the two. But I have to say 5 for Halls of pain, Shenk, pindle, and especially WSKs. Great graphics and feel.


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First vote to act 2. I like it because the change. Youve just ran through 6 levels of crappy tunnels in act 1 then come to a light place. Act 1 has its moments too. So a tough choice between them...
Act 5 is a close third, but the amount of unused territory is just too big.


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definitely act 5. there's so much to see:awe:

if i had to chose one single map/regiontype it would be the flayer dungeon kind of map. they look really cool! dark, scary and very beautiful


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voted act 1 here. has some of the best stuff imho. in normal you walk out with a lvl 1 and bash things easily =P. the first quest is dull a bit i think but it gives a skill point ^_^ blood raven is great (love that thing where she has her own mini graveyard section), you can go to trist and kill griswold and rescue cain and loot wirt :grin: imbue quest, countess with her runes. andy sucks though cause of poison:sad2:


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Definitely act 1 and for two reasons: Act 1 has the best music in the game and it is such a relief to return to this act after finishing a difficulty. You've spent a lot of time in a desert, in a jungle (act 3 my least favorite I HATE THAT ACT!), and lvling in 4 and 5, once you get back to A1 it's like 'old times' so-to-speak...


In terms of gameplay, I'd have to say act V. It just has a different feel to it, that you're in the middle of a running battle.


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A5 it has this Nordish feel. Ragnarok, Judean style Hell being freezing and cold all over and its hard.
Some players just need to get their arse slapped hard at times.

A4 is the 1st runner up, nothing like the Christian styled Hell. Fire, larvae, souls trapped and tortures and general all round Nightmarish.


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i voted A3, based on my first memories of the game .. right after A2 (a very brightly lit act, eclipse not withstanding), i found the jungle in the dark to be challenging. first time in hell A3, when swarms of flayers come running up all jumping and hacking from all directions .. it's a real lesson in crowd control! more recently i remember running jungles playing solo in hell multiplayer games on realms and getting tons of exp for it too.