Fastest Way to level


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Fastest Way to level

Hiya...I used to play a few years ago under the 1.09 when we did cows for exp and level up quickly. Now cows are harder to kill and nearly worthless for exp.

I've tried the Baal runs and usually end up with some character 20+ levels higher. I've found that at level 24 it's easier to kill stuff in act 4 and worth more exp playing in the game alone.

So what's the best way to get exp quickly?



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quick generic break down.

lvl 1-4 can be done in seconds in the blood moor and cold plain.

5-15 or so trist runs 8 players (lvl quickly here)

16-25 cow runs. cows give off good xp in 8 players at the right lvls.

25+ baal runs to about lvl 50 or so then move to nightmare.

beat place for nm lvl is baal period. till about lvl 75 then go to hell if you can.

this is a quick break down.


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It's easy really, here is a way I lvl

Lvl 1-15 (act 1 only) Tristram runs until 15, then:

Lvl 15-20 (act 2) Tomb runs until 20, then:

Lvl 20-24 (act 1, cow lvl) Kill the cows until lvl 24, then:

Lvl 24-25 (act 5) Kill the ancients who will instantely lvl you up, then:

Lvl 25-45 (act 5) Do baal runs until lvl 45, then:


Lvl 45-46 (act 5) Just kill baal as fast as you can. You may get more than 1 lvl but try and get through NM as FAST as possible, then:


lvl 46-60 (act 4) Do chaos runs constantely until 60, then:

lvl 60-whatever (act 5) Do baal runs until your desired level.

Not you don't have to stop chaos at lvl 60 since you CAN go farther than that but I find that more and more people leave and/or die in chaos then in Baal.

Also, you can get anni (Annihilus is the full name, I think) will give a major boost to experience. Same with Onduls (I donno if that's the right name lol) with those 2 it will be a LOT faster to lvl up and what not lol =)

GOOD LUCK! :laugh:


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Yea... not really that much of a difference. Mainly the difference between NL and L is the runewords, drops and such.