Fastest way to level in Chaos?


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Hey guys,

currently I am in progress of running hell chaos with my Hammerdin at lvl 90. So now im curious whats the fastest way to level in there?

ATM I am running it at /p8 and killing all champions, bosses and big packs of monsters I find and then ofc I end up the run with the big D himself.

Is there more efficient way to gain experience there or should I continue like this? Also I assume the answer will differ at higher levels so at which level should I change the tactics etc?



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I don't have the numbers (there is a 99 theorycrafting thread that should have them...) but basically you want to clear bosspacks at high p settings until mid 90s, then switch to /p1 boss packs (or maybe still /p8) and kill Diablo at /p7 iirc for max exp.


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There is considerably faster way to level up until level 97 or 98. More precisely, there is a way to level up close or more than 40% faster than you do now.

To give you really fast advice - ignore all champions, ignore Diablo, focus mostly on left and right seal packs along with some bosses along the way. The more you deviate from that, the more slowly will you level up. For more details check spoiler.

All tests done are under spoiler, except that ignoring champion thing. Before I ignored only mage champions, but recently I ignore all of them. Why? Because you have to kill like 3 champions to gain same experience as when you kill SINGLE minion or boss. So instead of wasting time, just kill bosses and their minions for maximum gain.

I can share some info about that since I did some testing. Leveling from level 95 to 96 with Hammerdin.

First what I tested was is it worth to kill Diablo at all xp-wise.

1. p1 Seals, p7 Diablo as fast as you can.
Result is rather poor I must say.
Is it worth it? No, it's very slow compared to alternative. Poorest of all.

2. p8 Seals, p7 Diablo as fast as you can. ~5950 xp/sec.
Is it worth it? Unless you are much faster runner than me (~74 sec per run like that), it's very poor compared to alternative.

3. p8 RoF + Seals, p7 Diablo.
Deleted data, but conclusion is the same as on upper cases, xp gain is poor compared to alternatives. So overall conclusion is, on level 95 it's not worth it to kill Diablo at all if you are mainly after XP.

4. p8 RoF + Seals vs p8 RoF + Seals without De Seis seal.
I concluded that De Seis seal takes too much time due to him being rather dangerous target, so he is better skipped. Unless you have stable bosspack spawn near De Seis, he might be worth to target, otherwise skip that part of map entirely. p8 RoF + Seals with skipping De Seis is faster (and safer) option.

5. p8 RoF + Seals with skipping De Seis, killing the rest.
140 runs sample, ~1:26.000 avg running time, 7311 xp/sec average. It's 7300-7500 range to be more exact, 7500 when trying to run most efficiently.
7311 xp/sec means it takes you 8.54 hours to level from 95 to 96. For 7500 it's 8.32 hours.

6. p8 RoF + Seals with skipping De Seis, skipping mage champions and extra fast mage boss
Not so popular idea of running. Idea is to skip almost entirely champion packs of mages since they tend to run around and you have to spend too much time killing them and getting rather low xp/sec for it. Tele on them, start to kill them, but once they scatter, skip them. Also totally ignore them if they spawn at tight spaces. When you encounter extra fast mage bosspack, kill minions, stomp the boss. If he starts to run around, skip him, otherwise just kill him. It's really not worth it, he can stall you for 10 seconds with running around and in that time you can kill 2 more bosspacks. Also decide when it is profitable to skip random possessed champion, they also take too much time if you tend to kill them from full hp after you get rid of other champions. Also sometimes skip non-fast mage boss if he runs into crowd, also might take too much time to kill him.

Even though this method doesn't sound that appealing, it's considerably faster than method under 5.). I did 15 runs test to see how much time those monsters actually take.
Runs done: 15, ~1:20.000 avg running time, ~8100 xp/sec.
This means it takes 7.7 hours to level from 95 to 96.

7. p8 CS + Seals with skipping De Seis and RoF, skipping mage champions and fast mage boss
My map is not exactly great for this kind of running cause my bosses are not that well positioned. But still this turned to be fastest leveling option. Idea was to focus on killing as many minions as I can from Seal packs since they spawn with million of them. So you pretty much need map where Visier doesn't spawn with only few minions, but rather with many. Obviously it works nicely. Same principle of running as mentioned under 6.)

Runs done: 40, ~62 sec avg, ~8400 xp/sec.
This means it takes 7.43 hours to level from 95 to 96. That is even faster than my Javazon and litesorc running Lister/Baal.

did another test with paladin level 96 now. Ran the way as explained under 7.)
Runs: 20, 62.5 sec avg, 4217.7 xp/sec. Or it would take roughly 16.13 hours to level from 96 to 97 with that method.

With better map with nice CS bosspack spawn locations, I believe it is possible to hit near or even over 10k xp/sec. Also I used MF equipment in most part, it is possible to up damage by 10% and to run faster like that too. I will probably test how well it goes with new paladin, focusing more on damage and rolling good map for that.

Hopefully my testings and conclusions are helpful.


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Also it is IMPORTANT that you roll map where Visior pack spawns normally with all minions, map layout is when seals are below and above instead in the corridor. Avoid that corridor layout at all costs, there Visier can spawn without half minions cause he spawns at the edge of river. Also aim for map where you get as many bosses in between left and right seals as possible. Ideally you will have bosspacks spawn at seal locations along with seal packs.

Why are seal packs so xp rich? Because they spawn with like 10 or whatever minions while average bosspack spawns with 4 or 5. They basically offer almost double xp than average pack because of that fact.

That reminds me. When Nagisa red that method of running under 7., his comment was "skip EVERYTHING, level the fastest!"
I can't blame him. It is like that ^^

Though skipping Diablo is understandable since it takes too much time for him to spawn and he offers too little experience in comparison what you can gain by killing bosspacks in that time. Even skipping Baal until level 96 or even 97 (depends on your running speed really) is better for xp gain if focusing mainly on waves. Not farming essences though is the downside. My answer is based on "how to gain most XP in least amount of time". If you wanna farm Diablo for essences, then go p8 seals p7 Diablo.
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