Fastest Way To Enigma For My Necro?


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Fastest Way To Enigma For My Necro?

Just started the softcore ladder with a skellie-mancer, and I'm desperate for an enigma so that I can magic find / boss kill faster :crazyeyes:

Level 90 My build is:
RS 20
SM 20
RSM 20
CE 20
1 point in all useful curses + revive + ba + putting last points into summon resist

have about +8 to summoning in mf gear and finding hell extremly slow to get anywhere! Running pindle/shenk/mephisto currently.

I only have a Gul rune(hellforge) and 150 mf.

So my questions are.....

Should I keep running pindle/shenk/mephisto?

Should I save my Gul rune or trade it for some more MF ?

Should I save everything I find and try to get Enigma asap? or should I invest in more gear like shako/homonculus/marrowwalks etc

Wanted to try something different rather than a MF sorc to farm mephisto but im abit worried about how much im missing teleport :p can i ever get anywhere with this character?


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Re: Fastest Way To Enigma For My Necro?

standard summoner build, thoasands like this have been done successfully before, so yours will work too.

regarding enigma: forget about it. there is no way to get a legit one without incredible luck (which requires playing in hell and, well.., luck). wait until the dupes have spread widely and trade for one just like last ladder, its your only option. it might last a while until its affordable, though.

you could get another source of teleport though; circlets, amulets or najs staff for example. personally i never felt like it would be really needed, just learn how to move to get your minions where you want them to be (and avoid those really tight areas).

your mf is fine. concentrate on efficiency, this will net you way more drops than pure mf. the three items you listed could probably traded for your gul (i dont really know current prices), which seems like a good investment.


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Re: Fastest Way To Enigma For My Necro?

91 now, and was top of necro ladder for a short period :crazyeyes:

And no Selway, hard work not cheating. Lots of private baal runs with good baba for BO and tele + my summons = safe baal runs :whistling:

Don't even know why I've bothered getting 91 my build finished at ~85 :wink:

Can't hurt though can it.


And thanks for your response Carnivore, think im going to try trade the Gul rune and equip myself a little better, homonculus the priority as my block is very low at the mo (saved stat points too).

And I did mean get to enigma via trading not finding the runes myself ^^ but yeah probably some time before the runes are widely available so I might aswell stock up on mf and items for now!!!!