Fastest lvl x?


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I think the higher the level (to a certain point) the more interesting the results will be, given how much it would rely on RNG. For example I think level 18 rather than 9 is a better goal. And other things like if you're allowed to re-run areas needs to be taken into account.


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sounds like fun to me, honestly. i've stayed away from speedrunning diablo 2 mostly because it just takes too long for me. the fastest any% (normal baal) run is just under 1:15:00, and even if i was that good, i just can't sit and play a game for that long, non-stop.
even when playing diablo casually, i don't think i ever go for more than 20 minutes before alt-tabbing and do something else for a bit, or get up to stretch my legs, and perhaps get some tea. (you'd think that all that tea would cure restlessness!)

edit: maybe even an [insert boss]% run, for example andariel% or duriel% :p


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you'd think that all that tea would cure restlessness!)
I think all that tea causes you to take more (bathroom) breaks in the first place... :rolleyes:

On topic: speed running sounds like fun, but, like Fruit, I am not the guy to spend hours on a game non-stop... (I should add "anymore" here, I guess... :confused:)