Faster cast rate and fcr gear.


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Faster cast rate and fcr gear.

The best attainable cast rate on a necro is 125, correct?

I was wondering the max amount of FCR that can be on certain items.

Like, whats the ammy with the most fcr? is there a max?
I want to acheive 125 with enigma / hoto..

anyone care to show a setup?




Here is the gears that 4 fcr

skin of vimpermage (30%fcr)
que wisdom (20%fcr)
darkspawn shield (30%fcr, ladder only)
lidless wall (20%fcr)
wizardspike (50%fcr)
suicide branch (50%fcr)
hoto (40%fcr)
arachnid belt (20%fcr)
craft caster ring (the highest u can get is 10%fcr)
craft caster ammy (the highest u can get is 20%fcr, 15-20% fcr with +2 necro skills will be really good)
craft caster belt (the high u can get on belt is 10%fcr)
magefist (20%fcr)
trang claw (20%fcr)
rare circlet (the highest u can get is 20%fcr, it would be really godly if u got +2 necro skills, 20%fcr, 20%frw, and dual stats)

the around setup would be:
skin of vimpermage
hoto or wizardspike
craft ammy
craft ring or soj
soj or bk ring
magefist or trang claw (recommand magefist)
arachnid spiderweb


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You forget 1.08 Valk Wing, which gives 30% fcr cast rate, along with frw and fhr, much better than shako imo.


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ok cool..
I will be wearing hoto + enigma so I will need

circlet +2 necro, 20 fcr
craft ring, 10 fcr
craft ammy, 15 fcr

or the valk wing..

how do you craft rings and amulets again?


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faster cast gear


wizspike + 50
lidless + 20 (hoto if you can)
viper +30 (or steaht 25)
Trang's glove (20)
ring of any + cast rate (10)

you have 125.

try it with melee PVP go point blank and spam BSpirit. watch them recovery lock.


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How do I craft rings/ammys ? ( forget )

Also, what is that rare ammy that gives +2 sorc, +2 necro and other stuff?
Does it give Fcr?