farting bob's top 5 possible D3 storylines

Does using "eminent domain" for energy infrastructure make sense?

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  • Yes, "eminent domain" for commercial power constitutes a public good

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  • No, individual property rights should trump corporate profitability

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  • No, ebil oil companies should be destroyed and we should burn their executives for fuel.

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  • Energy yield projections for burning Durf show we have sufficient boobies to last until 2050.

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farting bob's top 5 possible D3 storylines

Ideas have been really drying up for my top 5 polls, but i think ive got a decent one here. If anyone can suggest new poll topics, please tell me for future ones. So, we've all read the threads about storylines, some more common than others, but ive thought of 5 to put into my nice little not-so-regular poll.
Please read all 5 options before voting, post comments after the beep.

Tyrael turns to the darkside
Probably the most commonly talked about option, basically he finds he has this awsome power and isnt getting paid enough by good, so goes evil. He's already got you to destroy the 3 prime evils standing in his way, destroyed the worldstone with his uber 1337 sword, and has some really rare armour that he likes to wear around the house. Being an archangel and able to bring back mercs, it makes sence for him to be able to bring back izual to fight alongside him, as well as heavenly beings that he can turn as well.

What you dont see in the cinematics from D2 is the drunken fling baal had with andarial long ago. Well now their lovechild - Baaldarial, is out for revenge and is hunting down all humans in order to find the 1 that slayed his mummy and daddy. He gains characteristics from both parents, so likes posion, can clone himself, can summon armies to protect him and has his nipple peirced.

Worldstone destroyed leads to chaos
With the good and trustworthy Tyrael smashing the worldstone, there is now nothing stopping all the forces of evil from entering the world, bringing unimaginable terror and killing. But then 1 man has a gift, and goes on another fight to save mankind. Hmm, would make a good cheesy hollywood script i thinks. also unleaches the most feared demon ever born - the one that diablo himself was scared of - the[size=-1][size=-1] Reziarfg. :)

multiple worlds
Travel not from 1 town to another, but from 1 world to the next, saving the people who live there from terrors like diablo's brother, ghost like creatures who haunt them, and squid attacks. Each world would be basically independant from another, and have different parts to it, all with new monsters and weapon types. so to look for X armour, you know that you have to go to Y planet, but Z planet cannot drop it. allows for huge game thagt can dwarf even WoW.

Civil war
The people of diablo world now face no enemies, and so soon turn on themselves, and an all out civil war breakes out. You, leader of a small group of people who remember when mankind had to pul together and stop deckard cain from talking, as well as killing the 3 prime evils and saving humanity, try to stop the war. Each faction has some sort of summoning power and can control monsters as well as fight themsleves.

Now, thats my 5, please choose your favourite. remember, it doesnt have to be on which you think is the most logical, or which you think fits in best with the D2 storyline, but the 1 that would make the best Game, or the most original game, while sticking to the things you liked best about D2.


Sint Nikolaas

Diabloii.Net Member
Chaos for me. They even work to it in the D2 story line.. ''with the worldstone destroyed blah di blah'' -Anya (I think) :)

''Mil & Sam''


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Chaos, all the way! It would be fun to see swarms and swarms of demons, with no control over them, pillaging, looting, and generally causing mayhem and destruction...until one person slays every demon in the entire world. *cough* :D


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Whoa! "Baaldarial" isn't winning!

Well, I didn't vote for it either. As much as it goes against the Diablo premise I think Civil War would be fun...
What is with the Razblablabla thing? Ive never even seen it. Can it bee neen anywere?
Also i voted for the angel dude going evil(being corrupted from extnded contact with the messed up worldstone)


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I like the multiple worlds idea... reminds me of one of the old Bard's Tale game premises. However, I bet that Blizzard chooses the dark Tyreal option.

As an aside, I'd still like to see the other two lesser evils that we haven't met yet. Don't even remember their names off the top of my head.


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FB, you forgot to mention Belial, the Lord of Lies, and Azmodan, the Lord of Sin.
Being a D1 fan (in which they are mentionted) helps me remeber them.
I voted baaldarial, because that would rule!!!


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I voted for evil Tyrael...that guy is so cool, and the other options are kind of silly. I would also very much like to see the lesser evils like Seishinkan said. But who cares about the storyline anyway, I've never bothered to listen to all the dialogue, I keep telling myself to do it, but then I just go and run Pindle instead.

PinkeyandtheBrain: Reziarfg is someone named G Frazier spelled backwards, some kind of joke..


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I voted for Chaos. Although I would like the combination of chaos+evil Tyrael just because it would be fun to slap him around :D


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I had to vote Baaladrial. I figure the powers of pierced nipples have to get some representation here.

That and then they could spend more time making a cool game than focusing too much on silly plot.


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multiple worlds - why not? - weve already got teleport, portals and way points.

but why wont we get to play with horsies in D3 like in Sacred?


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Chaos, baby. Why? Couple of reasons...

1. You can still tie it in to D2X's plot without having to deviate very far. And you're not restricted to having demons roaming only: the destruction of the Worldstone should allow the forces of light to get around too. (Remember Tyrael not beating Tal Rasha because of the energies that bind him in the mortal realm becoming too weak? No more of that now.)

I always imagined you could travel between those towns faithful to the Light, those bullied by Evil, those faithful to Evil, and even those that try desperately hard to avoid getting involved on either side.

2. You can throw in many of the things that haven't been used yet. Particularly, as Masas said, Azmodan and Belial are still around. They can quite happily go on a mission to seize portions of the mortal realm. In fact, they could even try to siege Heaven (or whatever) itself.

3. You can very easily introduce completely new areas and character classes. Don't forget that the Worldstone will affect areas that had nothing to do with the original games. We can finally open up the whole of the Diablo world!

Plenty more ideas for D3 roaming, but they're not really related to the plot, so I won't bother now.



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I voted for Tyrael is evil, though I also thought about the civil war affair though it would be more of a sanctuary-spanning world war.

My idea would be that Belial and Azmodan both manage to infiltrate most of human society (except for a small brave resistance). Belial and Azmodan aren't the greatest of friends however and soon they will be sending their human lackeys and demons against each other.

Tyrael meanwhile would have his own agenda of uniting humanity to storm both hell and the heavens finally ridding sanctuary of it's plight (in his own twisted mind).


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Voted for Chaos option, since that is the sense you get as the story comes to an end. But the storyline could be "Blame Durf, and drink beer" and I would be still spend $49.99 on Diablo III. Although, I don't see myself giving up D2 anytime soon either :D.



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Blizzard actually know what the storyline is (as they wrote out the whole story some time back - read the old guest columns on diabloii.net by Robert B. Marks), but they aren't telling - yet. :)

I'd vote for none of those options, as it'd probably be something more along the lines of 'actually, you destroyed the Soulstones, but now the Worldstone is gone the Prime Evils are free to come and go in this world too'.

In fact that sounds sort of like the Chaos option so I'll choose that.

Pico Dynamite

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I'd pick Tyrael becoming evil.
It would be totally awsome to see Tyrael fight!! And maybe some demons would be on your side, that would be totally rad :D


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Civil war. I know this option isn't really likely for D3, but it would be cool to see NPCs fighting. I've always pictured the NPCs as really powerful characters, so it would be cool to see them bust out their skills against each other.

Imagine Drognan (Act 2) going up against some Act 3 Iron Wolves, or Kashya leading her rogues to battle against the Qual-Kehk and his Barbarians. And I am willing to bet Halbu (Act 4) has some crazy battle skills...